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2020 Democratic Debate Policy Announcement

2020 Democratic Debate Policy Announcement
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On June 18, 2019, the first 2020 Democratic Debate was held in Miami,Florida. The Democratic Party is in the beginning stages of electing a candidate for president. Some of the big names running for president are Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and other candidates. Many Democratic’s are supporting open borders, free education, free healthcare, Reparations, and Universal Income.

Open Borders Pros and Cons:

Many Democratic’s are supporting policies that increase the number of illegal immigrants. This does affect people coming across the border, but all over the world. Many candidates are supporting changes to immigration law, such as decriminalizing crossing into America illegal from a criminal offense to a civil offense. These changes to the law will benefit illegal immigrants, which can increase the population, so the Democratic’s can receive more votes in the future elections.

However, how does it benefit Americans of all colors, nationalities, and economic states?
The answer is illegal immigration does not benefit Americans at all, especially Middle Class, and the working class. More illegal immigration decreases the wages of jobs. For example, a construction job might pay an American 15.00 dollars an hour to lay brick. That same company might pay an illegal immigrant 7.00 dollars an hour for the same job decreasing the wage. Another result, increase taxes on the US population. For example, the increased cost to the public education system k-12 to maintain education for the illegal immigration population.

Free Education Pros And Cons:

Democratic’s are supporting free college for all. Since student debt has increased the cost of college. For example, the state of California passed SB19. SB19 grants free community college to everybody as long as they are a full-time student. The first year is free, but illegal immigrants can also receive free college as well under SB19.

How does free education benefit America?
Yes, free college sounds good, but it won’t help Americans in the long term. The reason is the point of college is based on competition. If people want to increase their income, then they push them self to receive a degree. The people that do not have a degree helps the individuals with a degree to enter their career with increase pay. If everybody is attending college and everyone has a degree, then everybody is equal, which means less money and fewer chances of employment. Second, the cost of college can decrease if people live within a budget. The cost of college is high is because of the demand. Colleges are purposely increasing the prices because people are willing to pay the price. If more individuals live within a budget, the cost of college would go down because its a supply and demand issue.

Types of Healthcare Services:

Many Democratic candidates are supporting government- run healthcare. However, not all Democratic’s support government-run healthcare, such as expanding Medicaid. They also support the concept that healthcare is a human right.

How does Democratic healthcare help America?
Many Americans support the idea of healthcare of being a human right. There have always been debates should there be a government-run healthcare system, private healthcare system, or a combination of both. No matter if the Republicans or Democratics are in office the issue will be debated.

Another solution to cut healthcare cost in America is to pass legislation to pass stronger regulations on chemicals, ban pesticides to EU standards, and rebuild the piping to ensure safe drinking water. Laws should label foods as GMO, clone meat, and other products. These are simple solutions that can decrease healthcare cost because less people will become sick.

Reparations for Slavery:

Many Democratic’s are supporting reparations for slavery.

How does this benefit America?
The issue who will pay for the reparations? Will the United States government, state governments, or families that own slaves. The other issue many of these candidates were Senators or Congressmen, and even Vice President. Congress has the authority to make law. Why did they not pass legislation for reparations before the 2020 election? It could just a political ploy to get the Africa American vote. However, if legislation is passed, then African Americans that can prove that their ancestor suffered from slavery should be compensated. For example, $10,000 dollars or more.

Universal Income Candidate:

Andrew Yang candidate supports giving 1,000 dollars to every family. His reasoning for universal Income is because technology will eliminate jobs in the future.

How will universal Income benefit America?
Technology in the next 10 years will indeed eliminate jobs. Driverless cars, Retail jobs, and other industries will be affected. The level of education for a job in the future will take more time for people who lose their job from technology. However, if universal Income is established early, will people become lazy and not work? Second, will illegal immigrants also receive 1,000 dollars from Universal Income to costing tax’s payers? Third, technology will take jobs, why increase the number of illegal immigrants into the country? Last, wouldn’t it be smart to remove the 11 million illegal immigrants from the nation to ensure a job for Americans to delay universal income until the technology becomes advance that Universal Income is needed?

In the end, the Democratic’s have many solutions to problems. Some of their answers are logical, but others are questionable.

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