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Abolishing ICE Is A Terrible Idea

Abolishing ICE
Posted: July 13, 2018 at 1:42 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

The abolishment of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is a terrible idea. ICE is designed to protect the nation from illegal immigration and other threats. The Democratic Party is making a severe mistake to attempt to abolish ICE for political gain. It shows protecting illegal immigrants to the Democratic Party is more important than America citizens. There plan is to terminate ICE and have states follow California’s path of protecting illegal immigrants with a sanctuary state law.

For example, the state of California is protecting illegal immigrants with its SB54 sanctuary law. The law bans local and state law enforcement from working with ICE to enforce immigration law. It is the job of the federal government to enforce immigration law. However, local and state law enforcement would hold illegal immigrants in jails until ICE agents picked them up.  The law has changed, so this is not the case anymore because of the SB54 law. For example, ICE agents had to enter the city of Oakland to arrest illegal immigrants on targeted raids. On their way to arrest these criminal aliens, the mayor of Oakland Libby Schaaf gave warning to illegal immigrants that ICE agents were coming. It is estimated that 800 illegal immigrants who are criminal aliens got away because the mayor gave warning that ICE is coming. The mayor is now being investigated if she obstructed federal law by alerting illegal aliens.

Now the Democratic Party will expand this concept of sanctuary law to other states and local governments to violate federal law. With no more ICE if the Democratic Party is successful in Congress, it will just make the problem worse. Yes, border patrol will be able to stop people from 100 miles from the border. However, once illegal immigrants pass that 100-mile mark than nobody will stop them.

In the end, the abolishment of ICE will only help increase illegal immigration. Once Congress makes its move to abolish ICE, then states will pass laws like California. This is the start of a dangerous trend. Remember to vote for new leadership in Congress to ensure a bill to abolish ICE doesn’t happen.

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