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All Lives Matter

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The Black Lives Matter movement is a movement to fight against police departments who use police brutality against black people.

Their group was formed in response to unarm black men being killed by law enforcement. As you may have heard on the news, Eric Garner was a Black Man who was choked to death by a New York police officer.  Currently, many cases are being investigated of other Black men being killed by law enforcement.

The movement is trying to make politicians change policies inside the Black Community. They are asking for:

  1. Reparation for slavery End the War on Black People
  2. Economic Justice
  3. Community Control
  4. Political Power
  5. Divestment and Investment

The biggest question was this group Destine to fail when the panel was formed. The Black Lives Matter Movement will most likely not achieve anything. The same system in their community will continue as it has for generations.  No one understands Black Lives Matter or black issues. Everyone thinks their lives matter to and is more focus on blue and black lives.

America will understand and relate to the message of All Life’s Matter. America is a diverse nation that consists of every ethnic group. A lot of families today are more diverse. Your sister, who might be white, might be married to a black man. The community you live in might consist of white, black, Hispanic, and Asian neighbors.

When we examine interracial marriage, statistics show the nation is more diverse than ever. One statistic from the shows 1 and 12 marriages are interracial. Another statistic from Pew Research shows 7 percent of whites, 19 percent of blacks, 28 percent of Asians, and 58 percent of Indian Americans married someone who is a different race in 2013. Pew Research Center also found that 43 percent of Americans are fine with someone marrying someone of a different race.

The best slogan to fight against police brutality is All Lives Matter. The reason, because you can bring out women who been subject to domestic violence by a police officer and bring out white and black men’s families who have been killed by police officers.

On average 1,000 people are killed by police every year. One statistic from found that in the year of 2015 1 in 3 unarm black men were killed by the police.  In the year of 2015 unarmed black men killed by police were 102.In a study by the CDC; they found that 1,130 blacks were killed by the police from 1999 to 2011. The CDC found between the years of 1999 to 2011 that the police killed 2,151 whites. In the year of 2012, 326 whites die from the police.

In the year of 2016, has found that law enforcement has killed 642 people. The true amount of people killed by police is hard to find. Most media outlets rely on news stories to count the death of individuals who been killed by Law Enforcement. No federal database accurately counts the number of people killed by Law Enforcement.

When it comes to women, domestic violence is high. One statistic from found that 1 of 2 women married to a police officer is more likely to suffer from domestic violence. Another statistic from found that 40 percent of women married to a police officer suffers from domestic violence.

For women it is a difficult situation because the police officer they are married to knows the location of abuse shelters, he is a cop, and it is difficult for the Justice System to believe the women when her husband is in Law Enforcement.  This creates an environment where women cannot receive any help in this situation. By setting up a united force and bringing all people together, this could bring the changes to fight police brutality.

Citizen Oversight:

The state can increase training for police officers. The average training for a police officer in the United States is 19 weeks. Police training should be with more international standards 2 to 3 years of training.  Training should focus on working community relations, studying the history of different ethnic groups in the state they are policing, finding other ways to use force without using lethal force.

The state or federal government could create an institution to oversee police departments when a police shooting happens or other misconduct. Another idea is to create an institution in every community ran by the citizens to oversee police departments. When a police officer is accused of a crime, then all the information would go to the institution ran by the citizens. This institution would do an independent investigate of the police officers involved.

Once they found the officer to be guilty, then citizens from that institution will make a citizen arrest of those police officers.  The institution would only watch over police departments. Citizens would fund the agency by paying every month for the institution. It would be volunteer funding for the institution.

This organization should consist of one person of a different race in that community. This will keep over watch of police who overstep the law. This is just one step to fixing the system, but a new Justice system is needed.

There would be a separate justice system create for police. The reason it would remove a friendly relationship with Law enforcement.   This independent Justice System for law enforcement will be a fair justice system because the relationship would be eliminated.  The institution ran by citizens, and a new judicial system will allow police officers who break the law to be convicted of a crime.

Not all Law enforcement officers are bad. Most police officers want to help the community and bring justice to people who break the law, but there are police officers who abuse their power and need to be brought to Justice. This institution and independent justice system will remove bad cops and make good cops shin.

By focusing on All Lives Matter, this could change police tactics and policy. This will help all communities across America.  By creating an independent institution and independent justice system for police prosecution, this will start the process of removing police officers who broke the law. This might bring the change that every community wants and needs.

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