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Should America Make Abortion Illegal For National Security Purposes

Should America make Abortion illegal for National Security Purposes
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Should abortion become illegal for military purposes? By setting in place a military provision for National Security reasons, this will allow America to have a high birth rate, which will increase the population for future conflicts.

America has a population of 322 million according to usnews.com, compared to our adversary’s, like China, Russia, and North Korea. When the peoples of these nations are combined, they can become a threat to America. China’s population has 1.4 billion, Russia 143 million, and North Korea 22,000,000 to 23,000,000 million, but has 10,000,000 million men in the military. This policy will help to create new offspring; it will allow America to have more manpower to fight overseas conflicts. America needs enough manpower to combat all these future threats.

For example, by setting a population goal of 500 million, this will allow America to have enough manpower to fight other nations or terrorist organizations in the future. This goal needs to be set; if it is not then this provision should be enacted to produce enough offspring to reach the mating goal.  The population birth rate should be reasonable when this provision is enacted.

The name for this new policy can be called the anti-Abortion Draft Act for example, which should be implemented when America invades a country. For example, the war in Afghanistan has been a 16-year war. The anti-Abortion Draft will last that long until the war is over. Then, the Supreme Court ruling Roe v. Wade in peace time will go back into effect according to wikipedia.org. The government will help provide accommodation for women that do get pregnant, during the anti-Abortion Draft period. This will ensure American women are doing their part of maintaining the country.

American men do their part, by signing up to the Draft for military duty according to militaryspot.com. This change to the law will allow men and women to be equal by establishing their natural roles during conflicts.

The law should exempt any woman that works in the sex industry, rape, or medical complications. The right to birth control and other birth control products should be allowed to all men and women during the anti-Abortion Draft. The women who do fail to use birth Control and get pregnant will have to keep the baby during the anti-Abortion Draft period.

What if, China invades Taiwan or the Philippines, or Russia invades Georgia, or terrorists start attacking Europe, what if this happens all at the same time. What happens when nations are attacked, by terrorists daily, and lose thousands of men a day? America needs the manpower to combat these threats.  Knowing history, America is the police force of the world. When American troops die in a conflict, who is going to fill their place if many American men die in combat overseas. What will happen if we get into a new Cold War with Russia and China, we need manpower to combat these threats? This is why abortion should become illegal for military purposes to protect the homeland, American territories, and fight nations all over the globe who want to hurt America.

Before Abortion, America was the strongest superpower in the world. When you look at World War II, North Korea, and Vietnam, America had enough manpower to combat these threats. America was the richest and most powerful nation on Earth equivalent to the Soviet Union. America is in decline, with 20 trillion dollars in debt, poor leadership, broken borders, foreign policy, and other mistakes that make America a non-super power.

America should be getting prepared for major threats with China, Russia, and terrorist organizations. America needs future manpower within this decade to fight against potential enemies. We have already been attacked, by cyber warfare by Russia, North Korea, and China. China annexed the South China Sea; Russia invaded Ukraine and Georgia, and the Islam State invaded parts of Syria and Iraq. America needs to be prepared for combat with these future threats, if not; America will be in great danger.

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