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Did America & NATO Start War With Russia

russia vs usa who would win
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America and NATO might have started military confrontation with Russia when America supported the idea of putting NATO membership in Ukraine and Georgia.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) consists of 28 nations; this also includes the United States. NATO expanded its membership in Europe, after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. This membership grew too many Eastern European nations, which increase Russian anger. This expansion has endangered relations between Russia and NATO.

u.s. and russia going to war

When we look at global events, we can see a patterned. In 2003 Russia supported Saddam Hessian and wanted him to stay in power, but the United States and NATO removed Saddam Hessian by invading Iraq. Vladimir Putin believed it was a serious blunder and thought that the United Nations could have solved this issue. Russia did not support the Iraq war and did not engage militarily in Iraq according to

In 2011 the Russian government and the United Nations supported a no-fly zone in Libya. This no-fly zone was to protect civilian’s because rebels were fighting against the Qaddafi regime, but Russia wanted to see Qaddafi step down from power peacefully, while this civil war was happening in his country. Instead, the United States and NATO killed Qaddafi and removed him from power and tried to change the regime, which Russia did not support. Vladimir Putin was angry at the death of Qaddafi and quoted this statement “They showed to the whole world how he was killed; there was blood all over. Is that what they call a democracy?” according to

In 2008 NATO wanted Georgia to be part of NATO. Russia disagreed and invaded the country, which stopped the NATO expansion. In 2014 NATO tried to expand its membership to Ukraine. The membership failed because Russia invaded and annex Crimea. Today Russia is still controlling some parts of Eastern Ukraine, which fighting is still continually happening.

Now, in 2016 America and Russia are fighting with each other in Syria. America wants Assad to be removed from power, which removes a Russian ally in the Middle East but also removes a port that Russia uses for the Mediterranean Sea. The Russian’s want Assad to stay in power so Russia controls the port so it can send ships into the Mediterranean Sea but also support their ally to keep some influence in the Middle East.

When we look at both sides of the conflict. Russia has counter NATO with economic warfare because of all these attacks against Russia. The economic war by Russia has crimped NATO economically. NATO relates on Russian oil and Natural Gas. NATO is harm by this because NATO cannot make a military move, without Russia cutting oil and other energy to NATO if there is a conflict. NATO also made the decision to make oil deals with Russia for oil exports. In peace time, it just looks like global trade between the two sides, but it looks like Russia wanted to control NATO, by controlling energy. Many oil pipelines cross through Ukraine. Germany receives 35 percent of its oil from Russia. The European Union receives at least 50 percent or more of its energy from Russia.

Both sides have an agenda just like every organization and nation. Russia started the economic control of NATO countries, but the United States and NATO launched the hybrid warfare against Russia.

nato declares war on russia

If World War III does break out it would not be Russia who started it, but the United States and NATO. They are the ones who are pushing membership on Ukraine and Georgia; they’re the ones who are trying to remove a Russian ally in Syria. Russia is just countering the aggression from the United States and NATO.

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