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America: The Greatest Superpower On Earth

The Greatest Superpower On Earth
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The United States has done a good job containing Russia, Iran, China, and North Korea.

Most American’s see Russia fighting in Syria and Ukraine as a sign of Russian aggression, but in reality, Russia is struggling to hold on to its influence. Since 1991, NATO has expanded, adding a total of 28 NATO nations.The NATO alliance includes America. The reason Russia invaded Ukraine is because they feared that NATO would expand membership to Ukraine.Russia countered that threat by invading the Eastern part of Ukraine. Most Media outlets might show an aggressive Russia, but they are just trying to keep their influence in Ukraine, so it doesn’t fall into NATO hands. It’s a similar story in Syria.

Russia needs Syria to keep its navy port and airbase. The port allows Russia to enter the Mediterranean Sea. When civil war broke out and ISIS entered the country, it was a bad sign for Russia. It became a worse situation for them when the United States entered the conflict hoping to remove President Assad. Russia had to jump into the conflict not out of a sign of strength, but weakness. Remember, they jump into the conflict to defend their ally in Syria and in Ukraine to defend against NATO according to upfrontpolitics.com. There is no such thing as Russian aggression only Russia holding on to what it has. The same could go for Iran.

Most Americans see Iran as a threat, but most Americans don’t realize that American influence surrounds Iran. The country of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia are American allies or have US troops station there. Even If Iran wanted to make a military move, it would be difficult for their nation because so many American allies surround it. The story can go for North Korea.

American allies surround North Korea. Japan, South Korea, Philippines, and now maybe Vietnam. America either has bases in these nations or are supplying military equipment to these countries. As a result, this doesn’t just contain North Korea, but China too.

China claims that Taiwan is there’s under the one China policy. Even though it has made this claim, America still supplies the country with military equipment. According to pbs.org between the years of 1946-2010 aid given to Taiwan was $25,271,814,767.This supplying of military equipment makes It difficult for China to invade Taiwan.

The United States Military has contained these potential threats. They might make headlines on the news, but the American military, allies, and influence surround these nations. America has 800 US bases around the world, so it would be difficult for any country to threaten the United States seriously according to politico.com.

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