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America Under Threat

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The American Empire is living in a new world of terror. Declining wealth from high deficits and wars in the Middle East has made America vulnerable to its adversaries.

America is continually under threat from enemies across the globe. Countries and terrorist organizations like Russia, China, North Korea, and ISIS have threatened America or have attacked America.

Some of these state actors have launched cyber attacks against the United States, causing mass of damage to the economy and to government agencies. ISIS has threatened America by calling out for terrorist attacks inside the United States, along with other terrorist organizations. Together, these forces are trying to bring the downfall of the American Empire. The other issue is just not these state actors or terrorist trying to bring down America, but American leadership is also threatening the country.

America needs powerful leadership to combat these future threats. We can no longer be defenseless against our adversaries and enemies. If the same trends continue America will collapse. Let’s take a look at a list of nations and terrorist organization that have threatened America or has officially attack America.

The Russian Threat:

Military Campaign

The Russian military invaded Georgia in 2008, Ukraine in 2014, and Syria in 2015. These military interventions have strengthened the Russian military in many ways. The fact they are gaining experience in each theater of war. In Ukraine, Russia is building its ground forces and in Syria they are building their air force and naval forces. This has allowed Russia to slow the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) expansion.

The main reason Georgia was invaded by Russia was secure regions toward the Black Sea and stop NATO expansion. Today, Russia is controlling two regions. The regions they occupy are Abkhazia and South Ossetia. South Ossetia region consist of ethnic Russians who are more pro-Russian. This region was easier to take over and occupy because the civilian population supports Russia. By, occupying this region Russia has created a small buffer zone between the rests of Georgia. This also creates difficulty for NATO membership, because Russia is inside the country. The occupation of the Abkhazia region was very important for Russia because it secured control of ports to the Black Sea. This allows Russia to put military ships and others vessels into the Black Sea. This similar strategy was the approach in Ukraine.

The invasion of Ukraine was very important to Russian national security. NATO was trying to push membership on Ukraine. Of course, Russia did not want a NATO member on its border. The Russian government sees NATO as a threat to their nation. So, Vladimir Putin decided to invade Ukraine to ensure that there would be no NATO member on their border.

This invasion allowed Putin to secure his military interest in Ukraine. By invading the nation, Russia has succeeded in annexing Crimea from Ukraine. Today, Crimea is part of the Russian federalization. By, taking over Crimea he controls ports to the Black Sea. This allows the military to dock subs and military ships. Putin’s hope is to make sure Russian influence is kept while trying to establish a pro-Russian government. Currently, there is still fighting in the Eastern part of Ukraine, which will make it harder for NATO membership.

The invasion of Georgia and Ukraine gave Russia a strategic military edge to the Black Sea. Russia has at least succeed in stopping the NATO expansion in Georgia for now, but in Ukraine there still might be a possibility for NATO membership, but it is shrinking by the day. Now, Russia and America are fighting in Syria for strategic military purposes.

On September 30, 2015, Russia started its air campaign to support its ally President Bashar al-Assad in Syria. When Russia started its air campaign it targeted western rebels, which the United States and NATO member Turkey supported and supplied. The reason the United States and Turkey were supporting western rebels was to remove Assad from power.

This would also remove a Russian ally, and create a new democracy nation, which would be more pro-west. However, America and Turkey have seemed to be losing that fight. Russia has succeeded in destroying western back rebels backed by the United States and NATO. The Syrian army and Russian bombing, along with ISIS/ISIL attacking western rebels, eventually created a cease-fire between rebels, Russia, and the Syrian government. The cease-fire took effected on February 27, 2016.

The main reason behind the cease-fire was because most of the western rebels have been killed or badly defeated. These groups, who were fighting the Syrian government, have agreed to a political solution when the cease-fire took effect.

This allowed Russia to focus on other parts of Syria to fight other groups that are labeled terrorist according to the United Nations (U.N.). For example, ISIS and al-Nusra Front. Of course, Russia has benefited from the cease-fire, because they are now the head of diplomatic talks. Russia is in the front seat and not the United States or NATO. Now, Russia and its allies Syria and Iran are now focusing on destroying ISIS in the rest of Syria. The reason they can put their full military might against ISIS is because of the cease-fire.

What all these nations have in common is Russia is trying to ensure there is a buffer zone between Russia and NATO. The invasion of Georgia and Ukraine were meant to secure the Russian border from NATO. In Syria, Russia is trying to ensure a pro-Russian leader stays in power. The Russian’s might expand their buffer zone by invading Finland and Sweden to ensure there is a buffer zone. This increase in activity has brought Moscow back into the world stage

America and NATO might want to consider putting Finland and Sweden into the NATO alliance. Most likely Russia will not invade the Baltic States, but Putin’s true goal is to create a buffer zone by invading Finland and Sweden. When looking at the bigger picture Syria, Ukraine, Georgia, Finland, and Sweden creates that zone.


The Russian military has benefited from these military campaigners. This has allowed Vladimir Putin to build his confidence and his nation. This is why Russia has been flying close to American airspace and NATO nations. Russian jets flying close by American aircraft and Navy ships. These three conflicts have shown America and NATO are losing militarily, but also diplomatic to Russia. If future trends continue America and NATO might be fighting an experience military force with huge confidence.

Military Facts:

  1. Military budget is 60 billion to 80 billion dollars
  2. Second biggest nuclear arsenal
  3. 15,000 tanks biggest in the world
  4. President Vladimir Putin/KGB officer, retired as Lieutenant Colonel in Soviet Union military and Judo artist.
  5. Every man must serve one year as a conscript in the military.

The China Threat:

South China Sea

China has annex parts of the South China Sea to control trade, energy, and military strategic positioning. This seizure of territory is the first major military intervention for China, since the Chinese-Vietnam war in 1979. This has allowed China to step out of China and give their forces some military training outside of their homeland. China has put military installations on reefs, which China has made into manmade islands. Creating airfields, radar stations, and putting anti-aircraft missiles on these manmade islands.

The other benefit of annexing the South China Sea is controlling 5 trillion dollars of trade that pass through it every year. Many nations around the globe ship goods to the Asian market. China has put in an identification zone to identify aircraft. This will allow them to see what’s coming into the South China Sea. For economic reasons, under the sea, it may contain high levels of oil and Natural Gas. This also contains 10 percent of the fish around the world. This will ensure energy and food security for the Chinese economy. The Chinese growing economy and population of 1.4 billion and growing will need future energy and food resources to keep their economy going, which the South China Sea will provide. The seizing and annexation have allowed China to capture an estimated 3000 maritime arcs. The taking of territory has established Chinese dominance in the South China Sea. This military move is just another step forward for the growing Chinese war machine.

Economic Warfare

China’s economic warfare has been a successful strategy against the American economy. The cheaper labor in China has successfully removed American manufacturing and some companies out of the United States. The removal of companies and manufacturing made the average American lose his/her job. These Americans, who lost their job, went to another job with reduced wages. This result has benefited China, because it reduces the spending power of the average citizen, removed manufacturing, and relocated American companies to China. As a result, this took away wealth from the United States. One major fact that is overlooked is the removal of manufacturing will hurt America to produce war products in a major conflict. This has allowed China to grow its economy while destroying the American economy internal.

Outside the United State, China has beaten us economical too. The Chinese BRICS World Bank was designed to remove the America dollar around the world. Most of the world uses the International Mandatory Fund (IMF), which is the American World Bank. This allows the Treasury to print unlimited among of money to pay for the debt, loans, and transfers. The goal of the BRICS World Bank is to destroy America financially around the world. This will also destroy the U.S. Dollar, which most nations use. Instead, the Yuan will replace the dollar as the world currency. The main purpose of the BRICS is to make nations leave the IMF and put them into the BRICS Bank. China may benefit because it will destroy the American financial system around the world.


Cyber Warfare

China has been attacking America with cyber warfare, for a while now. Cyber attacks have allowed China to gain information from private businesses, cooperation’s, and government institutions. This collecting of information has allowed, China to build its military by stealing classified information from the United States Military. Most notably the F-35 has been cyber attacked by China, stealing blueprints to build their own fighter jet the J-31. Most recently, China launched a cyber attack, stealing 21 million federal workers information. The Cyber warfare china has unleashed on America is showing loopholes in American cyber defense, which China is winning the Cyber war against the United States.

Military Facts:

  1. Second biggest military spender in the world/budget 120 billion to 180 billion dollars. The American government estimates Chinese military spending between these levels, but officially does not know how much they are spending.
  2. The biggest population in the world 1.4 billion. In a major conflict, the Chinese have great man power if they deploy a draft.
  3. Largest military army in the world 2,333,000.

China has been successfully attacking America with Cyber warfare and Economic warfare. The annexation of the South China Sea shows military strength growing in the Chinese military. We all know China is just getting started with its military ambitions. America is facing a breast in disguise, the only good thing that China does not have much military experience outside of its country, but America should be getting prepared for the worst.

The North Korea Threat:

The country is always making threats and provocations towards the United States and South Korea. The people of North Korea are very brainwash, from propaganda, which the government plays on state media. This propaganda has been showed to make the people prepare for war against the United States and South Korea. This keeps the people on edge because they believe the United States and South Korea will invade at any time. This propaganda has allowed the Kim Family to stay in power because the people believe that they might be at war at any time with America or South Korea. The country has continued to develop its nuclear program, which threatens regional security, but truly threatens the United States. North Korea is a real danger to the United States, but also the world.

Military facts

North Korea is an isolated nation, which does little trading outside of the world. 33 percent of its GDP goes to the military. North Korea has the 4th biggest army in the world. The army contains 1,900,000 million active men. The population of North Korea is estimated at 22 million to 23 million. The Kim family has ruled North Korea since 1948.


  1. North Korea is continuing to build their nuclear program, even though it violates the U.N Security Council.
  2. North Korea cyber attacks on Sony Pictures to stop a movie called The Interview.

America has always been prepared for conflict with North Korea at any time. America and South Korea knows already North Korea is a threat, but recently North Korea has been testing nuclear bombs, missiles and increase in verbal threats towards the United States.  This increase in violence along with its allies China and Russia has increased America’s venerability.

The ISIS Threat:

Radical Islam has been growing around the world over the years. Many terrorist organizations have popped up in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. The most know to the average American is ISIS. ISIS is a terrorist organization that occupies parts of Iraq and Syria. ISIS is a mean and vicious terrorist organization that has no mercy on souls that do not believe in their faith. ISIS overall goal is to bring the fall of western civilization. The biggest target on their list is the United States. ISIS has called for terrorist attacks within the United States, like blowing up malls and other facilitates. ISIS has inspired individuals to carry terrorist attacks inside America like the San Bernardino attack, which killed 14 people and injured 21 others. American allies have their issues with ISIS.

NATO has also been attacked and threatened by ISIS. ISIS has launch terrorist attacks in France and Belgian. The France terrorist attack was successful in brings terror and fear into the people. The France terrorist attack killed 129 civilians. The Belgium terrorist attack was another NATO nation attacked by ISIS. These terrorists targeted two different location an airport and train station. The Belgian terrorist attack killed 29 people.

ISIS is a major threat to NATO and America because it does not play by the rules. ISIS is willing to kill civilians and kill anybody who does not believe in their faith. ISIS goal is to destroy western civilization, by any means necessary. This is not the only group out there trying to bring down America.

Global terrorism is becoming a real issue for all nations around the world. The beautiful thing about America we have the Second Amendment to protect our citizens. The government cannot protect its citizens from terrorist as we seen in history. The 9/11 attacks killed 3,000 people and the San Bernardino attack killed14 people. These are two examples of the failure of the federal government and the State of California not protecting its citizens.

The sad thing is the state of California passed more gun control, because of the terrorist attack in San Bernardino. The fact that the state would give into the terrorist and limit the rights of the Second Amendment is terrible. No, the background check on ammo will not protect citizens because the terrorist in San Bernardino had 19 pipe bombs in their house. The fact is the ammo background check would increase crime and terrorism because the new law would create a black market. For example, people who buy the ammo legally and go through the background check can purchase the ammo. The issue is the person who is legally buying the ammo can be seen entering a gun shop or Wal-Mart, but not the person who does not buy ammo from a gun shop or Wal-Mart. Instead, they buy ammo from the guy who legally purchases the ammo on the street. That individual would not be seen on a video camera or the background check. This is not smart lawmaking, by increasing the danger to the public.

A terrorist is a terrorist; he is determined to kill you by any means necessary. This could be with his car, gun, suicide bomber, or other means. Law enforcement cannot be everywhere to protect you. The only way to stop these individuals is with a gun. All state governments need to prepare its citizen for terrorist or they might be held liable. A state should have some training program to train their citizens to handle a handgun. For example, this training program should teach handgun safety, cleaning, shooting, adding attachments, and the law. This training program should be made free for all citizens, so they can learn. This teaching allows people to carry a firearm if there is a terror alert by the Federal government or the state. This would allow a citizen to open carry or conceal carry a firearm for self-defense. This is why it is important to have a training program. If a state fails to have a program, then maybe the congress should pass a bill into law to pass a training program for citizens.

The United States and NATO are under threat from religion radicals that want to cause terrorist attacks inside in the European Union and America. America is again facing a determined enemy that is brainwashed and wants to force their faith on Western civilization.


What do these nations and terrorist organizations have in common, they know America is declining as the world super power. Russia, China, North Korea, and terrorist are slowing making their move. They know that America has 19 trillion dollars in debt. They also know America is continually increasing their deficit every year and not solving the problem, which makes America unable to fight wars. The United States government needs to prepare its self; with a proper strategy to defeat against these potential enemies or America will fall just like many super powers do in history.

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