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American Weakness & World War III

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The American People and the leaders are living in a fantasy world where everything is o.k.

The American people are not mentally prepared or physically ready for a military confrontation with major threats from state actors and organizations. Russia, China, and terrorist groups are slowly undermining America all over the world. These nations and organizations are preparing its people for World War III.

russian warfare

The Russian government has successfully been brainwashing their citizens with propaganda to display America and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is after Russia, by fueling hate among their citizens. Showing news in their country that (NATO) is trying to increase membership in the country of Ukraine and Georgia which is close to the Russian border. Russia sees NATO as a threat because it could put missiles or western influence inside Russia.

Putin is making his people hate the west because it will make them mentally prepare for a confrontation with NATO and America. It is the law that every male service one year in the military according to This will physically prepare their men for war. Russia is training all citizens to be prepared for a nuclear war, encase America or NATO attacks Russia. The country has planned to build 5,000 nuclear bomb shelters for its citizens according to

There has been a major increase in conducting massive military drills this year. On September 9, 2016, military exercises were carried out in Southern Russia and Crimea. The training consisted of over 120,000 troops involved in the exercise according to On September 20, 2016, 4,000 servicemen conducted a military drill in the South Ossetia according to

Russia is also creating more weapon exports all over the world, which is helping to build the countries industry, which will benefit production of military products.  The Russian war machine is prepared for World War III because they can manufacture high levels of weapons to their allies and their nation. Currently, in the year of 2016, Russia exported 4.6 billion dollars in weapon sells according to

Altogether, this preparation is making the Russian people ready for a conflict with the West. The buildup in nuclear bomb shelters, conscription, military drills, and exports is making Russia ready for war.

chinese population policies

The Chinese are becoming more dangerous by the day towards America and its allies in Asia. China, as we know, has one of the biggest populations around the world. 1.4 billion People live within the nation.

China has recently removed its one-child policy and has allowed more Chinese citizens to have more offspring. The Chinese government has changed the one-child policy to allow Chinese families to have two children according to the Why would they increase the population

when they have one of the biggest populations on Earth? According to the Chinese government, they removed this policy to increase the population because of its aging population. According to the, 30 percent of the Chinese population is 50 years old or older. There might be another reason, global domination of the world. More population growth in the future could benefit a Chinese war machine.

As history has told us during World War II, Germany had a population of 60 million. Hitler invaded the Soviet Union in 1941. The Soviet Union had a population of 144 million people. In the end, Hitler lost the war; but he managed to kill 25 million Russians, but the high population allowed the Russians to win the conflict. China has the great advantage of a large population in the event of World War III.

top chinese businesses

Private Chinese cooperation’s are operating, constructing, and financiering ports around the world. Private Chinese companies have ports in Turkey, Greece, Israel, Jordan, Pakistan, Eritrea, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Srilanka, Bangladesh, and Myanmar. China has recently built their new military base in Djibouti, Africa according to The Chinese are smart to use its private civilian companies all over the world. These private companies can be used for a cover up story for military ambitions. In the event of World War III, the Chinese can remove these privative corporations, and the Chinese Navy can use them for military purposes.

As China continues to grow in military technology, it will be able to complete against American military technology. The high population and increase in population by China can be a major threat towards the United States and Western allies because it is difficult to find the amount of manpower to fight a force with that high population. China is slowing preparing its citizens for World War III by increasing population growth and growing private cooperation to set up naval ports for the Chinese Navy.

terrorist organizations & radical islam

Terrorist organizations around the world are starting to grow worldwide. ISIS and Al-Qaeda are some of the major terrorist groups taking over parts of the world. ISIS has invaded and control parts of Syria, Libya, and Iraq. Al-Qaeda is still a threat in some regions of Afghanistan according to

These terrorist organizations are prepared to fight against America because they use religion to brainwash their warriors to fight in the name of Radical Islam. Religion is their key to their success to destroy western targets. In the year of 2014 global terrorism killed 32,763 people. In 2015 global terrorism killed 28,328 according to

What these nations and organizations have in common is their people are mentally and physically prepared for war. Their people are not living in a fantasy world, but living in reality. This fact can be shocking to American’s if a war breaks out because they are not mentally prepared for a war to break out.

American leaders need to prepare its citizens for military confrontation for all these threats. America can no longer live in a fantasy world; it will cause America to collapse all over the world if proper strategy is not implemented. Cyber Warfare and Economic Warfare are currently attacking America by China. Terrorist are launching small wolf attacks in America. This combination of attacks on U.S. soil is increasing the damage to America. Let’s hope our leaders take action on this serious issue.

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