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America is becoming less and less of a superpower in the world. Russia, China, and other countries are starting to flex their muscle. The American military has shrink in size and since America is in a state of emergency with the debt crisis, how will it be possible to have a strong military. There is a solution that could solve the problem of a shrinking military.

It would be a strategic advantage to make every American male have military training. There are many nations around the world that force their men into the military, to be better prepared for conflicts with other nations. In some ancient societies, men were forced into the military to be better prepared for military conflicts with other societies.

Many nations all over the world are competing against America in various areas. We are under threat against nations and organizations that continually attack America with economic warfare, Cyber warfare, and terrorist attacks. There is a growing number of military conflicts in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia, which America should be paying close attention too. As future conflicts continue to grow around the globe, the American government should consider training all men for military action for these future events. The other question the United States Government should be considering is to allow illegal immigrants to be granted citizenship, if they join the United States military, this will enable America to be better prepared for war.

In many parts of the world, countries force men of their nation to have militarily training. In Russia, men must serve 1 year as a conscript. In South Korea, men must serve in the military to defend against their neighbor North Korea. Israel is another nation that forces their men and women into conscription to defend against terrorist organizations that continually attack Israel.

During World War II America was facing threats from Japan, Germany, and Italy. The Americans were prepared for war against the Axis powers because Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) enacted a peace draft for men 21 to 35. This peace draft helped FDR to be prepared for war, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. After, the attacks by Japan, Adolf Hitler declared war on the United States on December 11, 1941. America was prepared for all these conflicts because all men between the ages of 21 to 35 had military training before the conflict started.

In ancient times, many ancient civilizations forced their men to have militarily training. In ancient Sparta, all boys that turned 7 years old started military training. The Spartans were prepared for war when the Persian’s invaded Greece and Sparta. This ancient civilization was better prepared for war.

When we look at the Draft, and Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution, it appears to be legal to allow all men to be forced into the military. All men would receive military training; this would assist the United States if there was a conflict with another country or terrorist organization that threatens America. We would be prepared because all men would have military training.

If these laws are enacted, for example, all boys should learn to start wrestling in high school for four years and continue, until graduation. Military training should continue outside of high school, and training should consist of the basic firearm training, but also each man should choose a position in the military. No, matter if it is in the Airforce, Army, Navy, Marines, or other branches of the military. When the individual has made his decision, he must go twice a month for 2 years. This will help improve military readiness. This will increase the survival of the country and protection of the United States territories. American citizens should have the final vote to use these forces for an offensive invasion on foreign soil.

The United States should consider illegal immigrants to be granted citizenship if they become a volunteer in the United States military. (Example) The illegal immigrants that do serve in the military should serve at least 7 years and then be granted citizenship after service. This will allow America to have more manpower to fight oversized conflicts around the world. Statistics show at least 11,000,000 illegal immigrants living in the United States. This is enough manpower to tackle ISIS in the Middle East, Russia, and China. The United States should break down the 11 million volunteer forces for different continents around the world. 2 million for the Middle East, 2 million for Europe, and 2 million for Asia. The remaining forces of 5 million can be broken down into two major groups. 3 million would protect the homeland, and the other two million would be spread around the globe, to protect and reinforce U.S. Bases around the world. This change in policy will protect America for future events that unfold across the globe. It also reduces the cost on the militarily by having a volunteer force. This volunteer force could be used for offensive invasions on foreign territories. Rome also created a volunteer army from conquered territories. Rome allowed men to serve 25 years as a volunteer in the Roman military to become a citizen of Rome.

This will have a psychological effect on our enemies across the globe, knowing that every American man has military training. The illegal immigrants who want to become a legal citizen can be used for offensive wars to protect and preserve America as the global superpower. These forces will help improve military readiness if there is ever a major conflict. These forces should be only used for defensive purposes unless you are an immigrant who wants to become a citizen or part of the volunteer military force. These new changes to the law will help improve the fighting force of America, by being better prepared for conflicts around the world. These changes will improve the security and the defense of America. America will be the superpower it was in the 60s, by having a strong militarily force.

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