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Are Americans Losing Their Rights to Government

Government Corruption
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Is the United States becoming less of a free country by the day?

Most people look at America as a free nation where you can chase your dreams and move up in society.  Compared to other parts of the world it is a challenge to move up financial in society, but in the United States, Americans can do well economically. The different ways people choose to get ahead is through education, creating their own business, or moving up in a new position in a company. That’s why people want to come to the United States to chase their dreams. Another factor is Americans have a good Constitution compared to other parts of the world because citizens have rights.

The 10 Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution gives American citizens protection against an abusive government. The Bill of Rights of the Constitution guarantees rights for all individual American citizens. If the government does break the constitutional rights of Americans, Americans citizens have the right to sue and fight those laws that they believe are unconstitutional.

As we know, America is a young country that has only been here for 240 years. The government and the people have maintained the values of the country since the foundation of the country. Just like every democracy, it will eventually become a tyrant government. In this time and now are we seeing the foundation of a tyrant government being set up and establish?

The United States government might have passed unconstitutional laws during the War on Terror? This process might have started when the government started fighting terrorism around the world after the 2001 terrorist attacks on the world trade center. This may have been the main reason these unconstitutional laws were passed because of the increasing terrorist threats inside the homeland.  Other laws seem to put Americans in danger are in this list too:

War on Terror Timeline & Patriot Act Controversy

During the War on Terror President Bush sign into law the Patriot Act of 2001 after the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks on the world Trade Center. The Patriot Act increase spying around the world and the United States. The agency was searching every American citizen and started putting them into a database. This Act violated the 4 Amendment of the Constitution because the NSA began to spy on US citizens without a warrant.

The NSA had the powers to listen to everyone’s conversation though wiretap, voicemail, and other ways to collect information. President Obama has sign law that puts limits on the Patriot Act by passing the US Freedom Act. The US Freedom Act restored all the same powers of the Patriot Act but removed Section 215. The US Freedom Act removed the mass collection of phone records from us citizen by allowing phone companies to maintain and store the data in their database.

This Act put limits on spying by the NSA because they have to go through federal court to gather information on individuals that might be trying to commit a terrorist act according to wikipedia.org. The NSA has to ask the company every time to see an individual’s record of a suspected terrorist, but some argue the law still doesn’t go far enough to protecting us citizen’s rights.

The US Freedom Act of section 702 allows the NSA to spy on non-American citizens inside the United States. If a person from a foreign country is inside America because they are spying, the NSA can use its power to spy on that individual. The problem might involve American citizen in the process of that spying. According to eff.org, a FISA court in 2011 found that the NSA was collecting 56,000 American citizens’ emails every year. Still, today Americans might not trust the government when it comes to the powers of the (NSA).  Another agency Americans might fell worry about is a new Police State.

How Do Private Prisons Make Money

The United States has one of the highest prison populations in the world compared to other nations. The total number of people incarnated in the United States is 2.3 million. This large number will shock many Americans, but the problem is getting worse. The scariest fact is the increasing use of private prisons in the United States. These private prisons lobby lawmakers to pass laws to lock up more citizens in jail and prison to make a profit.

According to aclu.org private prisons make up 6 percent of state prisoners and for federal prisoners make up 16 percent through the United States.  These private prisons have been classified to be badly managed by these private businesses.  The problem with private prisons is the people staffing the prison have a lack of training on how to patrol a prison. According to the aclu.org in the state of Oklahoma 46 prisoners were injured in a fight at a private prison. This high injury rate could have been prevented if there was better training on how to deal with fights in prisons.

This should worry citizens because lawmakers are passing laws just to lock up people. More individuals in prison or jail equal more profit for private prisons. This shows severe government corruption that is threatening average citizens. Every law does not stop crime, but some laws are design only to lock you up to make a profit. Luckily, the government has started to fight back against private prisons.

The Department Of Justice and Department of Homeland Security will not be using private prisons to lock people. They found that it cost more to pay for private prisons and they are not as safe as federal the prison system. Let’s hope that the continuing trend of fighting private prison will be eliminated for the entire justice system.

2nd Amendment & Gun Control

The Constitution guarantees a right to bear arms under the Second Amendment under the Bill of Rights of the Constitution. There has been an increase of gun control by individual states that seem to violate the Second Amendment of the Constitution.  Some of the states with the strongest gun control laws are California and New Jersey.

The State of California has enacted legislation that might continually violate the Second Amendment.  A new law that was trying to pass in 2017 would limit the amount of shotguns and rifles an individual could buy every month. Under section AB1674 a person is only allowed to buy one shotgun or rifle once a month. Luckily, Jerry Brown vetoed this bill into becoming law. The scary thing is the senate’s push this gun control bill and voted for it.

As we know the state of California has some of the strongest gun control policies in the entire United States and many question the laws that they pass. The lawmakers of California have claimed more gun control law would stop a terrorist from buying a gun and shooting people. The ammo background, the assault rifle ban, and 10 limited round magazines according to upfrontpolitics.com are some of the control laws that appear to violate the Second Amendment and limited citizen’s power to Bear Arms.

Another state that seems to violate the Second Amendment is New Jersey.  In the year of 2002, the state pass into law the New Jersey childproofs Handgun Law. This handgun law was design to introduce smart gun technology, which would make every handgun sold in the state, would have to be a smart gun according to wikipedia.org.  The law has been on the books but never implemented because the technology does not exist.

Smart gun technology can become a danger to citizens because it is unreliable technology. For example, one type of smart gun might use the fingerprint scanner to allow you to shoot the weapon. The problem with this smart gun technology is who will be in control of the database to read that your fingerprint to allowing you to fire the weapon.

Another major issue is some propose to put GPS on the arm to enable people to find they’re stolen or lost gun. The problem what agency will be managing the GPS. For example, I phone controlled Apple has an app called find my I Phone. The company of Apple controls the database which could be watching what you’re looking up what apps you are buying. The other issue can smart technology be hacked into just like most computers of the 21 century.

This entire article is to make you keep watch of your government. Does not mean the government is going to take over the United States, but it smart to keep eyes on the government and its leadership. To ensure there is no overthrow of democracy to replace it with a tyrant government.

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