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Another Mass Shooting In The United States

Mass shootings
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The United States is suffering from mass shootings. Many states are passing gun control laws and red flag laws to try to prevent these events from happening. However, the gun control laws and red flags can be violating the Second Amendment of the Constitution. Gun control and red flag laws are not the answer to combating mass shooters. The smart way of preventing mass shootings is not violating the Second Amendment of the Constitution, but solving societies issues. Here is a list of solutions to try to stop mass shooting without violating the Second Amendment:

Mental Health Facilities: The lack of mental health facilities and mental institutions need to be reestablished in American society to ensure the mentally ill have housing to live. The lack of mental health facilities is endangering the public. Not all mentally ill people are dangerous. The states and local governments need more resources to detect individuals with serious mental health issues. The hope is to prevent a person from committing a mass shooting, or other serious crime to the public.

Family Values: Family values are essential to combating all of societies issues. If an individual is raised in a stable family household, then the chances of that individual becoming a danger to society decreases. Their needs be policies in place to establish benefits for couples who stay married for 15 years. For example, more tax benefits for people who can stay married and establishing a stable family household.

Life Skills Classes In Public Education: The public education system is lacking life skill classes. For example, sex education, budgeting, home economics, social skills class, and trade school. These skills are essential to maintaining a happy life. Sex education doesn’t include safe sex, but dating class, social skills with the opposite sex, what is a good mom, what is a good dad class. Good relationships increase happy life as well delighted families. Knowing how to budget money for life helps to reduce stress. Home economics used to teach the basics of life, which is also important today with the lack of mothers and fathers. Social skill class is needed to ensure people can communicate their feeling and emotions to one of another. People are becoming less social, which can increase the danger to the public. Learning a trade will provide financial stability for individuals and families. As a result, these new generations will be educated in these skills will hopefully establish a reduction in mass shootings as well as other society issues.

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