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Are You On The Terrorist Watch List

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The Terrorist Watch List was designed by the Bush Administration to find suspected terrorist.

The government created this list to find ways to find terrorist after the 9/11/2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. The list currently has 2,484,442 people on its record according to wikipedia.org the Bush Administration hoped by creating this list it would help fight against terrorism in the world.

An individual might look at a site that contains terrorist-related material, which could put you on this list. Another way you might be put on this list is in a phone conversation with a list of keywords which can trigger the NSA to put you on this list. Traveling to countries or trying to go to countries with high levels of terrorism can put you on this list.

The major issue with the Terrorist Watch List it can be abused by the government. It also found that many innocent people are put on this list. Yes the list is important to find suspected terrorist, but can anybody just be put on the list. For example, according to Fox News and truthrevolt.org writer Stephen Hayes was put on the Terrorist Watch List.

The Democratic Party was trying to pass a bill to force individuals who are on the Terrorist Watch List that they cannot buy a gun, which would violate the Second Amendment and Fifth Amendment of the Constitution. The list doesn’t mean you are criminal or have been convicted of a crime. So trying to pass a law that prevents an American citizen from buying a gun without due process is very scary. This list can make Americans lose their constitutional rights if the Democratic Party succeeds with their policy.

Of course, both parties have their issues and problems. According to wikipedia.org under the Bush Administration, the Patriot Act of 2001 gave the NSA powers to spy on Americans without a search warrant. This Act allowed the government to use wiretaps and other ways to listen to Americans. The Republican Party has violated the 4 Amendment by allowing the NSA to illegal spy on American citizens, but the Democratic Party has violated the Second Amendment.

For example, according to wikipedia.org Bill Clinton in 1994 passed Federal Assault Rifle Ban or Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act. This Act banned assault rifles, which expired in 2004. Another example according to chicagohistory.org is the Chicago’s Handgun Ban, which prohibits handguns from being sold.

No matter, if you are Republican or Democratic, you have to agree that if a policy like this passes to ban people from owning a gun without due process that could be the start of an abusive government. This could put any citizen on this list and is subject to losing you rights. Luckily the GOP defeated the bill from passing and turning it into law according to msnbc.com. Let’s hope laws like this never pass.

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