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The Best Way to Defeat ISIS

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What should America, NATO, and Russia’s next decision be when it comes to fighting ISIS?

American foreign policy has made the Middle East a more dangerous place when it comes to the War on Terror. Russian foreign policy might be the right answer when it comes to the situation in the Middle East. If NATO and Russia worked together, they might be able to defeat ISIS.

America, NATO, and Russia are under threat by the same terrorist organizations every day, with increased terrorist attacks inside Europe. America and NATO need to unite under the article five treaty agreement. NATO, which consists of 28 nation’s including America is strong enough to defeat ISIS. If each NATO country sends 10,000 troops from 28 countries, this is a total of 280,000 soldiers, including 10,000 forces from Russia which will bring the total amount of troops to 290,000.

This will be a cheap campaign because all nations are united and paying for the campaign. By placing an alliance with NATO and Russia, this should destroy ISIS off the face of the Earth. This will also show that NATO is not weak and NATO nations are united.

Showing, Russia that NATO countries will join under the Article 5 agreement, if there is ever a conflict. This will also create a deterrent against Russia if they choose to further their expansion into Eastern Europe, but in this time in history, Russia and NATO can come together to defeat a common enemy.

American Foreign Policy in the Middle East

American foreign policy towards Syria has been a terrible mistake. The question is, why would America still be for the removal of the Syrian dictatorship after all the failed military interventions in the Middle East? America invaded Iraq, which caused more terrorism to grow; they also invaded Libya, in which terrorist organizations have increased, because of the removal of Qaddafi. The United States invaded Afghanistan, and America is slowly losing the fight against the Taliban and ISIS.

American strategy in the Middle East has been nothing but a failure. America should be open minded and go along with the Russian plan, because of our failure in the Middle East. American strategy in the Middle East was to remove a Russian ally, which was a smart move 4 years ago, when the opening was there, however, that opening has closed. Now, America should go with the Russian Strategy.

Russia will be a key ally in the fight against ISIS because they have been bombing ISIS and other terrorist groups since September 30, 2015, according to Russia has the best strategy to defeat terrorist organizations in Syria. With Russia backing the Syrian government and their military this will destroy terrorist groups in Syria. America should stop sending heavy weapons and other supplies to these anti-Syrian government groups.

Instead, America, Russia, and NATO should work with the Syrian government to defeat all terrorist groups in Syria. The Syrian government is the best choice to stay in power; the alternative is having no government to communicate with if the Syrian government should collapse. If the Syrian government collapses, then this will lead to more terrorism in the region. With terrorist controlling Syria, they could enter Turkey, and start launching terrorist attacks in NATO nations.

Russia has the right game plan to defeat terrorist organizations in Syria. America and NATO can help by removing ISIS in Iraq. With America and NATO fighting ISIS in Iraq and Russia and Syria fighting ISIS in Syria this should defeat ISIS in an efficient manner. The Syrian government will be able to stay in power, which will allow NATO, America, and Russia to communicate to a government, instead of having a vacuum, which terrorist can enter. The Iraq government is already set in place, so the American government can communicate with the Iraqi government, which will lead to better stability in the Middle East.

Terrorist are currently attacking all around the globe. We see in France, Belgium, America, and Turkey increase attacks. As the Middle East continues to become more dangerous by the day, ISIS will increase terrorist attacks around the world especially the United States. It is important for American citizens to be prepared for an increase in terrorism in the homeland. The reason why is because even if ISIS is defeated the religion of ISIS is not dead. Other groups will come out as strong or stronger than ISIS. This is the reality of the War On Terror. This war will continue for decades. The American government should consider arming its civilian population under the Second Amendment.

America should allow citizens to conceal-carry firearms. American citizens carrying guns is a safe way to deterrent terrorist. American citizens should be granted more permits to carry concealed firearms in every state. This is why we have the Second Amendment to deter invasions, terrorism, and other violent acts on the homeland according to

For example, American citizens should be required to have at least 50 hours of firearm training and must complete a test, which will make them knowledgeable of the law, and when it is okay to use lethal force. Also, a citizen should have at least 100 hours of mix-marital art training to gain discipline.

This will help an individual build confidence, opposed to having an internally weak person with a gun.  The conceal-carry permit should only be implemented for emergencies when the terrorist level is high. The citizens that do receive this license should only use their firearm for defensive purposes and never on the offensive. Peace officers can do the rest to maintain safety. The America government should allow more citizens to carry guns as a deterrent to terrorism, to ensure that terrorist will meet resistance, from American citizens.

With NATO, America, and Russia fighting ISIS and other terrorist groups, America, NATO, and Russia will be a safer place to live. The world will be a safer place when these terrorist organizations are met with force. The United States should change its foreign policy towards the Assad regime. Allowing Assad to stay in power will make the Middle East safer, but also create future diplomatic relations with the Syrian government.  With American citizen bearing arms, this will reduce the chance of a terrorist attack in the United States. These changes in Strategy for domestic and foreign policies will make America and the world a safer place to live.

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