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Can Removing laws Reduce Gun Violence

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One major issue the Democratic Party has always brought up is the issue of gun control.

The reason the Party brings this issue of gun control is that America has a high murder and suicide rate from firearms. statistic have shown that 33,000 Americans died every year by guns. 12,000 die from crime (gang violence) and 21,000 die from suicide according to wikipedia.org.

The Democratic Party is Right to bring the issue of gun violence up.  Compared to the world America has 25 times higher murder rate than the 22 develop nations according to absnews.com. Germany and other European countries are armed but do not have a death rate as high as America.

It is a serious problem that is destroying the country. The gun deaths by a developed country can’t compare to the United States, so how does the Democratic Party fix this problem? The Democratic Party wants to pass more gun control laws to fight gun violence. The issue with this approach does it solve the problem of gun violence. Many studies from the CDC in 2003 and 2013 have shown that gun control laws have failed to reduce gun violence according to cdc.gov. Most people who commit a crime with a firearm are using an illegal gun when a crime is committed. Passing more gun control laws would not prevent someone from doing a criminal act with a weapon because they already plan to break the law.

Is it possible that the Democrat Party and Republican Party can be both wrong in its approach when it comes to fighting gun violence? The Republican Party wants to enforce the laws that we already have on the books. This does help because we spend less money making new laws and trying to enforce the laws we already have. This still does not solve the issue of gun violence by the Republican Party.

The Democrat Party pushes for more gun control, which will violate the Second Amendment and will not decrease gun violence. The Republican Party pushes for more gun carry permits to protect you from crime, but does not solve the issue of gun violence. The major issue none of these policies from both parties fixes gun violence. The guns might not be the problem to combat gun violence; instead, it might be too much law on the books that is creating gun violence.

When we examine other policies like the War on Drugs, prostitution, and gun control laws, does this contribute to gun violence in America? More law does not always make us safe, but can increase the danger to the public. For example, when alcohol became illegal in the United States the mafia grow into a big criminal enterprise. The mob used alcohol to build profits for them self and their businesses. The whole point of making alcohol illegal was to reduce crime and bring in strong Christian values. Instead, making alcohol illegal did the opposite.

As we see in history, we know that passing more law does not always fix the problem. Instead, both parties might want to consider repealing the War on Drugs policy and reviewing some gun control laws on the books and reviewing the legalizing prostitution.  By removing these three laws off the books, this might solve the problem of gun violence in America.

War on Drugs Policy

It cost a lot of taxpayer money to fund the War on Drugs. In total, the War on Drugs policy has cost American tax’s payers over 1 trillion dollars. Every year it cost taxpayers 25 billion dollars to fund the War on Drugs on the state level and 15 billion dollars on the Federal level according to drugsense.org. This has increase incarceration rates in Federal and State prison. As a result, it cost $47,000 to lock up one person every year in the state of California according to upfrontpolitics.com. The price can increase because the peace officer can get overtime, booking the individual into jail, and paying for a public defender. It also depends on how long the prison sentence, which can add to the cost.  When an individual is done servicing his or her sentence it will be difficult for that individual to get a job because of his or her recorded. As a result, this person does not contribute to the economy. This may include public benefits such as public housing, food stamps, and other government benefits when this person gets out of prison.

This policy has done nothing to reduce drug use among the population. People are still addicted to drugs legal and illegal. This policy has increased crime when it comes to gang violence. Groups use the War on Drugs Policy to their advantage because drugs are still illegal. This creates a black market which drug users buy illegal drugs from these drug dealers.  These gangs compete against each other for turf, which creates gun violence.

If drugs became legal, it would be like every other product that is regulated by the government. This is what we do for food, alcohol, and marijuana. When we examine marijuana in the state of Colorado, crime has dropped because of the legalization of marijuana.  Statistic have shown violent crime fell 2.2 percent, 9.5 percent drop in Burglaries, and an 84 percent drop in marijuana arrest according to upfrontpolitics.com.

This is another perfect example of removing laws off the books to reduce gun crime, reduce taxpayer spending, and decrease the number of future criminals. This is possible if politicians examine how affected the War on Drugs policy has been in reducing drug use and by repealing the war on drugs does this also decrease gun violence.

Prostitution legalization

The legalization of Prostitution can be another factor in reducing gun violence in America. As we know, men are more likely to commit a violent crime than women. One statistic from politifact.com found in 2012 that 69 percent of white men carry out a violent crime. In American society, there is no sexual outlet to for fill your sexually needs. Having sex on regular bases is an important factor to having a healthy life. Having legal prostitution can reduce gun violence along with other crimes.

If prostitution became legal, there would be a reduction in rape, sexually assault, change in domestic violence laws, and reduction in gun violence. When men have a legal prostitution industry people can now go and pay for sex. When the state of Rhode Island legalizes prostitution in the 1980s crime statistic showed rape dropped 39 percent according to upfrontpolitics.com.

Domestic violence gun death statistics show in the year of 2000 that 1009 women died from handguns according to vpc.org. Legal prostitution might help to reduce domestic violence. Instead of living in a society where every time you want to have sex, you have to date someone. Prostitution is another way for men to release stress. It was hard to find statistic if the legalization of prostitution, would reduce domestic violence.

Prostitution is a smart way to reduce crime and reduce gun violence. Having more sex reduces depression, anxiety, sexually assault, rape, and maybe reduces domestic violence. By removing some prostitution laws off the books for adults 18 and up police can focus on child prostitution and human trafficking.  This is a more realistic goal to fight against child prostitution and human trafficking. Overall this might help to reduce gun violence in America.

Gun Control

Inside America, gun control was design to ensure African slaves or free blacks were not able to buy guns or carry guns. The Democratic Party supported gun control to ensure there would be no slave rebellion during slavery. This was the original purpose of Gun Control.

Today, gun control is used as a tool to reduce gun violence, but gun control might increase crime. Again just with other laws more law does not always equal less crime, but might increase it. Most crime is committed with illegal firearms. One statistic from Harvard.edu showed that gun-runners provide 40 percent of illegal guns to repeat offenders.

It shows that criminals will continue to break the law. Passing more law only affects legal gun owner, not individuals who want to purchase their firearm illegally. For example, in the state of California, you are only allowed to buy a 10 round magazine (Senate Bill No. 1446). The problem with this law people will go out of state to purchase a 30 round magazine or find another way to get that type of magazine. Another example is the bullet buttons on assault rifles (SB 880). Bullet buttons on assault rifles do not reduce mass shootings. Again a criminal can figure a way around the bullet button law to help him release their magazine quickly.  If someone is going to commit a crime, it is going to happen even if this law is in place.

This shows how removing some gun control laws can help to reduce crime, but also reduce gun violence. The reason why gun violence would be reduced is because fewer people are going to jail and prisons. When we have fewer people having a criminal record they can help build the economy. If they have a criminal record, they might become a career criminal, which they might purchase illegal firearms to commit gun violence for survival.


When we remove the War on Drugs, Prostitution, and Gun Controls laws off the books this reduces crime and gun violence. This also might reduce police shootings towards police and decrease unarm people being shot by police because there are fewer laws on the books. As you seen by reading this article statistics show how marijuana became legal, it reduces crime, as you seen with prostitution how it reduces rape. You see how some gun control laws are ineffective and just increase the prison population. Law makers should take a deep look at how repealing some of these laws help reduce crime and gun violence.

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