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Is China’s Second Aircraft Carrier A Threat

Is China’s Second Aircraft Carrier A Threat
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The military might of China is growing every day. Recently, China has introduced it’s second aircraft carrier into commission. Now, with a second aircraft carrier, China will expand its influence into the Pacific. What are China’s military objectives?

The Chinese military is becoming more advanced every day in different fields of technology. It is believed that by 2025 they will surpass the United States in various areas of technology such as AI. However, the Chinese lack combat experience in warfare. The last arm conflict China was in was the Chinese Vietnam war in 1979, which China lost to most experts.

On the other hand, China has increased its UN peace force to 8,000 to conduct peace missions around the globe. This will allow China some experience in dealing with conflicts. China is also expanding its influence in the South China Sea by continuing to build artificial islands and construct military bases on them. In the near future, China uses the South China Sea to protect its economic interests, help defend the homeland from attack, and can be used for offensive operations.

The Chinese are also conducting cyberattacks against nations to steal technology and gain knowledge of that nation. The expansion of cyberattacks on America, Australia, and other countries are designed to take intellectual property to gain understanding about military plans and trade secrets on private companies to give China the best economic advantage in a business deal. China offend goes into business with a nation to purposely put them in debt to build a military base on their country. For example, some of these nations are Sri Lanka, Djibouti, and other countries.

The Chinese are putting the Uighur population in education camps to educate them in Chinese culture and values. Education Camps are helping the Chinese government how to manage millions of people. According to the UN, an estimated 1 million to 2 million Uighurs are living in education camps. This will allow them to gain experience in managing millions of people in camps.

The 2020s will be a time of great powers vs. the superpower. These nations are Russia, China, and America. With China’s second aircraft carrier, it will need to be tested in a real-life combat scenario. For example, there have been reliable reports that China will invade Taiwan in the 2020s. China might use these two aircraft carriers in an invasion of Taiwan to give there crews combat experience, along with there weapons and troops. Once Taiwan has fallen, South Korea might be next. Of course, this is after countries have signed onto the Road Belt Initiative and are economically tied to China.

On the other hand, China has every legal right to defend its nation from attack and protect its people. Building aircraft carriers will provide extra security for the Chinese Navy and protecting the Chinese homeland. China might have no plans to invade nations in the future and are just building its Navy to secure its Road Belt initiative to create strong economic ties with nations. Countries that do go into business with China and become genuinely in debt and are force to give land to China for a military base is that countries’ fault for not handing their finances well.

The American people must know that they are living in a new age of the 21st century the American superpower vs. great power China. It’s like living back in world war II, but with more significant technology for world war III. It is vital to maintain peace between China and America to ensure a stable world, or be prepared for conflict to maintain stability.

In the end, China will use these aircraft carriers to expand their goals in the Pacific. They might use them in the invasion of Taiwan to gain experience. Or they might not invade any nation and are expanding its Navy to protect its economic interest such as the Road Belt initiative. The American people should be prepared for a new reality that the United States will not be the only superpower living in the 21st century.

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