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The First Female President?

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Hillary Clinton started her historic presidential campaign on April 12, 2015.

She is the first women to be the Presumptive Democratic Party’s nominee for president in the 2016 election. The path of becoming the first women president in American history is becoming a reality by the day. She will deliver different types of social change for America.

For little girls, they can picture themselves being in the White House. Americans see a women president as a major sign of social process. Gays and women being accepted in the military is a completion of a list of civil rights for people who have been discriminated in American society.

Indeed, this is very good for America inside America, but the issue is will the world see a women president and these social changes as strength or will they see it as a sign of weakness?

Could there be an issue about a women president? Will countries still respect America? The outside world might see Hillary Clinton and look at America in decline and might want to start their military ambitions.

Here is an example of what the outside world might think. A women president, 20 trillion dollars in debt, illegal immigration, lost every war, North Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Libya (More terrorism after the collapse of Qaddafi and Saddam),Syria (fail strategy), and Gays and women in the United States military.

America is a superpower; this is one major issue facing a female president. As a superpower, America needs to project strength around the world physically and psychologically. Remember, if Hillary Clinton does become president, the federal government has a 20 trillion dollar deficit.

Hillary will have an issue when it comes to foreign policy, China has annexed the South China Sea, and Russia has annex Crimea. Russia is still currently fighting in Ukraine and Syria. ISIS is still occupying parts of Iraq and Syria. Hillary Clinton will be facing many issues when it comes to foreign policy.

Many proponents will say Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy experience is superior because of her time as Secretary of State, but how is her judgment. Her past experience has shown how her judgment was not the best. Has her judgment increased terrorist threats inside America? Has her judgment, allowed ISIS to grow in Iraq and Libya?

Her voting record for foreign conflicts has not always been the best. For example, the Iraq war cost the country trillions of dollar and 4,500 US soldiers life. The removal of Saddam Hussein made the Middle East less stable and increase terrorism in the region like ISIS.

In Libya, the removal of Muammar Qaddafi increased terrorism in the region. The removal of these two dictators removed the functional governments in these regions. As a result, this allowed other powers (Russia) and terrorist to move in and try to create a new government or support a government.

Russia is helping Iraq, Syria, and Iran to fight terrorism to build Russian influence. ISIS is trying to establish an independent government in Iraq and Syria. It appears her decision making made the Middle East more dangerous and put America in danger.

The outside world mostly sees it this way. In their head, America has lost wars, wasted trillions of dollars, gays, and women in the military. A women president is another sign for ISIS, China, and Russia that the United States is a declining superpower. Do other small nations see this as a collapsing government?

Most of the world considers women to be a second class citizen. This is because of thousands of years of history. The Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa and South America do not respect women or have a list of human rights violations.

They are not going to respect a women president and a country that has only been here for 240 years. When other countries have been on this Earth for thousands of years.

The problem with the first female president in this time and moment is that America will lose its psychological strength. This psychological strength has prevented wars between other superpowers like China and Russia.

The ability to project strength has kept the world in order, but a women president and other issues combined can destroy that perception. Countries might start making their military moves like they are doing now, but much worst.

Voting for a women president now when America is weak might not be the best time. The reason why is because America appears to look weak from many internal and external issues. The best time to vote for a women president is when the Unites States appears strong and has fixed its issues.

This entire article is to make you think from a different point of view from the outside world and with all these major issues America is facing.

I want to be clear: I 100% support all rights of women and those that have been held back for so long.

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