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Extraterrestrial Technology That Can Threaten Man

Extraterrestrial Technology That Can Threaten Man
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The Trump Administration is planning to develop a 6th branch for the US military. This Branch will be the Space Force, which will help to create innovation in weapons, tactics, and strategy to conduct warfare in space against Russia, China, or an alien life form in space. The Space Force will allow America to colonize other planets for resources, which can open the path for a trillion dollar industry. However, the Space Force might discover alien life form with superior technology that can destroy the Space Force and humans beings on Earth. If extraterrestrial life is discovered, then what military technology might they have? The extraterrestrial technology they might have, for example, bring the dead back to life, hacking into the brain of humans, and developing stronger human beings.

One of the significant questions that need be answered is what if an alien invasion does happen on Earth. Of course, the simplest way of destroying mankind might be to spread disease and using a comet to destroy the planet, but what other ways can they destroy Earth or affect mankind. Here is a list of examples of alien weapons technology:

Zombie Warfare

Bring the dead back to life sounds crazy, but is a smart way to put fear and terror into the enemy. Human technology might not be able to achieve this, but extraterrestrial technology might have the capability to raise the dead or keeping the dead alive sustaining significant damage before death. For example, if a military unit entered into a building and kill the whole squad of enemy soldiers, then leave to only return and find the dead people are no longer dead this could change the course of battle. The ability to heal and come back alive, or to take severe damage and recover from the serve wounds in short amount of time will be difficult to combat.

The United State military has a plan for this type of event, in case a zombie invasion does happen. The military plan is called CONPLAN 888. The plan lays out different types of zombies that can become a reality.

Brain Hacking Technology

The hacking into the brain is a smart way to control the souls of man. Instead, of making a physical invasion, they might be able to hack into the mind of man to commit an act that might change the course of history for mankind. For example, an alien life form might hop in a device, which allows them to enter a human brain to control the functions of that human to commit the deed that the alien wants to achieve. Another example, might to use sound technology; however, the sound is not something you can hear but is a signal that controls 70 percent of human beings. The brainwashing effect of the signal will keep human beings in check while preventing any physical conflict.

The best example of this concept would be the movie Inception or Avatar. These movies display what the technology might be liked to use to control man.

Human Cloning

The third option is to place another type of human on planet Earth to replace the one that is living on it. For example, with the superior knowledge of genetic engining and DNA manipulation, they can develop a new human. Once completed in the lab, this new type of human will start to eliminate the old human living on Earth. For example, the modern human might have eyes that can see at night, have five times stronger skin, only needs to sleep 4 four hours instead of 8, have a more efficient stomach (doesn’t have to eat every day, but every ten days and water), and able to hold breath for one hour.The stronger human has many advantages such as seeing at night increases survival, the stronger skin will be able to take more damage, and the reduction in sleep will able to work longer, but also stalk prey longer. The efficient stomach will allow this type of human to travel long distance without stopping for eating and drinking, and the ability to hold breath longer increases survival.

In the end, this just a fantasy approach to what extraterrestrial technology might be. These futurist weapons can be dangerously used on the battlefield. Entering into Deep Space with the Space Force there can be serious threats, and maybe aliens would have this type of technology. It is important to mentally prepare now, so the Space Force is not surprised by these powerful weapons.

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