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Is the F-35 jet fighter a waste of money

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The F-35 is the newest elite stealth jet fighter to be in cooperated into the United States military.
This new line of jet fighter is meant to replace old military aircraft for the Navy, Air Force, and Marines. The Joint Strike Fighter program or (JSF) is expected to replace the F/A-18, F-16, and A-10. There are three classes of the F-35 fighter:

F-35A: standard lift off & landing
F-35B: Short lifts off
F-35C: design for aircraft carriers

The F-35 is a 5th generation fighter jet design to complete against Russian and Chinese 5th generation fighter jets. The Chinese j-20 & j-31 and Russian T-50 Pak FA Stealth fighter will become a threat to the United States in the future. The F-35 will counter this threat by being more technically advance. The major issue with the F-35 technology does it cost too much to produce and has the Chinese government already hacked and stolen the blueprints on how to create it.

The issue with the F-35 it has cost the United States a lot of money to developed the fighter. According to the price to continue to develop this fighter is 1.5 trillion. The reason why the cost is so high is because the F-35 has a lot of technical components to it. Some issues that made the price go up was because the F-35 lacked protection from lightning, display issues with the helmet, issues with flight control, software issues, and the fuel tank needed to be reconfigured. These problems added to the cost, but also slowed production of the overall JSF program.

The other issue, the enemy (China) has stolen tons of information on the jet. China already knows how it is designed and what technology is superior inside the jet. According to, a 51-year-old man named Su Bin, a Chinese national was sentenced to prison for stealing military documents and sending these documents to the Chinese government.

These documents include information about the f-22 and f-35 jets. This allowed the government of China to build up their military aircraft. As a result, the f-22 is comparable to the J-20. The J-31 is similarly designed to the F-35. The major issue, the Chinese government, might use this information to build other jets like the f-22 and f-35 based on American technology and design, why should the United States government continue to produce this fighter.

The cost and hacking by the Chinese government has put the F-22 and F-35 pilots in danger. The combination of factors has contributed to the compromise of the whole JSF program. As a result, the production cost, production issues, and cyber attacks by China has not made America safer but put us more in danger. It is not worth it to continue the JSF program because it has become a waste of tax payer’s money and the Chinese government has stolen the technology. Let’s hope that the new administration looks deep into the JSF program to rebuild the military.

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