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How To Fight Law Enforcement In A Smart Way

How To Fight Law Enforcement In A Smart Way
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Many news stories present police shootings that appear to show police brutality against an individual. This image of police brutally causes an uproar in the public because they believe it is too extreme in some cases. Many Americans start to blame the cops, and most politicians focus on the police, but focusing on the police doesn’t fix the problem of being profiled or being pulled over.

When you hear the words Law enforcement, they are designed to enforce the law. They are doing their job by enforcing the laws on the books. The only thing you have to do as a citizen is to advocate to change the law that Law Enforcement has to enforce. The best way to fight back to protect citizens and police from danger is to remove legislation that does not make sense or does nothing to prevent crime, but increases it according to Lawmakers do not always pass good laws, and that’s why citizens need to be vigilant about bad legislation that the government tries to pass.

These laws might be creating too much interaction with civilian and Law Enforcement. For example, when marijuana became legal it reduces the number of people getting pulled over and warrantless searches. When marijuana was illegal 700,000 Americans throughout the United States would go to jail every year for marijuana possession. The good thing about legalizing marijuana it will decrease the number of people going to jail for marijuana possession in the United States. By legalizing the planet, it shows that police and civilian interaction will be reduced over time according to Another example of bad lawmaking is Sodomy Laws.

Sodomy Laws were designed to control people’s sexuality. In some states, it was illegal to live with women if you were not married to her. It would be illegal to be gay in some states. These laws cause law enforcement to crack down on these type of people. In the year of 2003, the Supreme Court ruled that Sodomy Laws were illegal By removing these laws off the books, it created less interaction with police and civilian. Another example is Jim Crow in the South.

During the Civil Rights movement, Martin Luther King never fought the police, but he fought the law. Blacks, whites, and other groups join to remove Jim Crow laws off the Books. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 abolished Jim Crow law according to Today no matter who you are you are allowed to be served in a restaurant.

The strategy of community policing will not stop the problem of violence towards the police or police brutality against civilian, but there might be too many laws. Having so many laws on the book endangers law enforcement, but also civilians. The best way to change the law is to start petitions to fight to change laws that seem to put all people in danger. These are perfect examples of removing laws that make no sense.

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