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Has The Government Failed To Fight Terrorism Inside The Homeland

Has the government failed to fight terrorism inside the Homeland
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The United States Government and Law Enforcement have a terrible record when combating terrorism inside the homeland.

When the American people give the government power to fight terrorism, they usually pass laws that violate your constitutional rights. For example, the Republican Party & Democratic Party took away your rights by violating your 4th Amendment by passing the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act of 2001 gave the NSA powers and other intelligence agencies authority to collect phone records and store them. This collection was found to be illegal because there was no warrant for these searches.

In later years under the Obama Administration, the government passed the US Freedom Act, which removed section 215 from the old Patriot Act. The US Freedom Act was meant to eliminate section 215 because this section allowed the government to collect records, but they kept section 702. Section 702 of the US Freedom Act still violates American freedoms because it is designed to spy on foreigners overseas or foreigners who enter the country, but when spying on these foreigners, Americans are caught into the spying, which is illegal without a warrant. This shows the government again violated the 4th Amendment of the Constitution. Another example of the government going too far is violating your Second Amendment rights.

The Democratic Party attempted to seriously violate the Second Amendment by trying to pass a law that if you are put on a terrorist watch list your Second Amendment right will be taken away. The GOP blocked this bill because they argued that it would violate due process under the 5th Amendment according to upfrontpolitics.com. Again showing their way of fighting terrorism inside the homeland is to take away your rights. On the other hand, Law enforcement has not done a good job at combating terrorism inside the motherland.

Politicians say police are best to fight terrorism but is that a false statement when we look at the record; do police protect you from terrorism? When we look at the list, we see when Law enforcement failed to protect US citizens according to upfrontpolitics.com.

+In 1993 terrorist attacked the World Trade Center killing 6 Americans and injuring 1,000.
+In 2001 terrorist attacked the World Trade Center killing 3000 Americans.
+In 2009 Nidal Malik Hasan killed 14 at Fort Hood, Texas
+In 2013 the brothers Tamerlan and Dhozkar injured 260 and killed three people at the Boston Bombing
+In 2014 New York Ismail Brinsley shot two police officers
+In 2015 Garland, Texas Muhammad Youssef killed 4 Marines at a military base
+In 2015 San Bernardino, California Syed Farook, and Tashfeen Malik murder 14 people at a party.
+In 2016 Orlando, Florida 49 people were killed by Omar Mateen at the Pulse Night Club.

The government and law enforcement have failed to keep America safe. Of course, they might have foiled some terrorist plots, but the ones that got through have been disastrous. Terrorist are attacking Europe more than ever, America is being attacked more than 9/11, and we have been fighting in the Middle East for the last 16 years according to foxnews.com. We have spent our treasure and have gotten nothing in return. Now with terrorism, growing Americans should stop thinking the government will save them.

Instead, they should think of the most common sense approaches to fighting terrorism. Who is best to fight terrorism, when a country is attacked by terrorist every day, every three months or longer? The best person to defend against terrorism is you. As a citizen, you are the target. Terrorist are more likely to attack you and wants to kill you by any means.

You can hire more law enforcement, but there will never be enough of them to protect you. Police can be doing heavy security for a running event, but a terrorist instead shoot up a Star Bucks, and there are so many police to secure the running event that it takes them time to reach the Star Bucks, which more people die. As a result, people are waiting for someone else to protect them.

The best person to defend themselves is you. You are the best person to fight terrorism because you are a target. You are technically on the battlefield like it or not. This is why a training program for all Americans would teach people about signs of terrorism (calling the police), basic medical training, law, and firearm training (Conceal Carry). The citizens are best to fight terrorism inside the homeland because if an attack happens, it won’t be the police first on the scene, but you will be the first one at the site in most cases because you are the target.

It’s best that our government takes action now. By taking action, we will be building a policy in place to train our citizens like Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovakia has a policy for their citizens to carry firearms when fighting terrorism. Czechoslovakia believes that citizens are the best defense against terrorism. They say there are not enough police forces to defend against every terrorist attack according to cnsnews.com. We should do the same before it is too late, because if we are too late and have not prepared our citizens, then the increase in terrorism will threaten ordinary persons. It is important to make a policy like this now. Still, there is a need for government to fight terrorism. The government can do what it was design to do to protect our airports and borders.

As we live in a time of terrorism, it is important that our government increases security to our places of entry. Pass laws that if people cross the border illegally or other entries, they will automatically get five years in prison. This is the best way to fight terrorism; the best approach is to secure our borders and other places of entry. This is the best step to prevent the terrorist from entering, but if politics continue to endanger public safety when it comes to not enforcing the border, and other places of entry then states, cities or Congress should start to make a policy of training citizens about terrorism. Let’s hope our government doesn’t fail at doing this either.

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