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Government Shutdown Over Trumps Wall

Government Shutdown Over Trumps Wall
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The 2018 Government shutdown has been in effect for the last 6 days. The shutdown is caused by the Trump Administration asking Congress for 5 billion dollars for border wall funding. The Congress has declined the request by president Trump and won’t agree to fund the border wall between the Mexican American border. As a result, the government has been shut down and might be shut down for days, weeks, and possibly a couple of months. Either Congress or the president will submit to pass funding for the federal government. The hope is the Trump Administration will win the fight against Congress to fund the wall, which will protect the nation from illegal immigration. Illegal immigration will continue to increase without a strong stance from president Trump on border funding, and undocumented aliens will continue to come in from all over the world if Congress doesn’t change immigration law.

The funding for the wall is an important point to be made. If the president gets his way, then he is showing who is in control of the country. As a result, Congress would be submitting to his legislative objectives. Congress, the majority of the Democratic Party, does not believe in funding for the wall; however, some democratic’s have supported the concert for border security. Border security is significant to maintaining a strong defense against illegal immigration. On the other hand, the wall is an essential symbol to slowing down illegal immigration on the Mexican American border.

The wall is designed to slow down movement of people. A wall creates a physical barrier to make the average illegal immigrant stop him or her from just walking into America unchecked. Of course, undocumented aliens might climb, dig under, or find another method such as illegally being smuggled into the country, and possibly use a legal working visa to enter the country legally. These are the possibilities that an illegal immigrant might undertake to come into the country. The wall is just design to slow people down. The hope is it will prevent the average person (illegal immigrant) coming into the there country but won’t stop criminal organizations. Statistics from Homeland security show that a wall in San Diego stopped 95 percent of people coming into the country illegally from 100,000 a year to 5,000 year.

Even if the wall is fully funded and completed during the Trump Administration, it will have some impact on stopping illegal immigration. The best way to stop illegal immigration from all over the world is to have strong immigration laws. For example, harsh prison sentences for illegal entry by boat, plane, crossing the border illegally, or coming in legally, but overstaying their visa and becoming an illegal alien. Having strong prison sentences will have a psychological effect on stopping future unlawful immigration. Changing immigration law is the key to stopping illegal immigration.

In the end, President Trump is fighting for the American people. The wall is an important step to show Congress that changes to immigration law and funding for the wall are needed to make America safe. The hope is Trumps stand will create a shift from open borders, relax immigration law, and more focus on strong immigration laws to prevent future illegal immigration.

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