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Gun Control A Smart Way To Lock Up Americans

Gun Control
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The Democratic Party has always fought for Gun Control to reduce gun violence but is Gun Control a smart way to arrest more people.

The reality is that Gun Control policies do not reduce gun violence. A study from Harvard University and the CDC on Gun Control concluded that Gun Control does not stop gun violence or prevent gun violence. The CDC in 2013 found gun buyback programs to be ineffective. Most people who return guns were legal guns, not illegal guns.

The 2003 CDC study found that the Gun free zone policy failed to remove guns from schools. In the school year of 1998-99, the Gun-Free School Act only confiscated 3,523 firearms. A school survey was conducted in 1996 and found that 85,350 students had carried a gun on school grounds one or more times in the last 30 days.

The Harvard University study found that a ban on guns would not reduce suicide, or murder because people would find other ways to kill themselves or kill others. The level of Suicide or Homicide would be the same or more. The study looked at the Soviet Union when they disarmed their population and found that suicide and murder rates were four times higher than the United States.

Gun Control is a smart way to put more laws on the books. More laws equal more clients for jails and prisons. Once these laws are made, where do you think they will enforce these gun control laws? You guessed it, in the low-income communities; Black, Hispanic, Native Americans, and White.

When they enact a new Gun Control law, this is what it will do. The Gun Control law gives Law Enforcement a reason to arrest someone in a low-income community. The police are not patrolling a rich or middle-class neighborhood, because they have money to sue or fight the charges, someone in a low-income community does not.

The low-income community’s tax dollars go to the police departments, jails, prisons, and the entire Justice System. Their tax money does not go to improving education, job outlook, or business opportunities; instead, it improves job security for Law Enforcement and the Justice System in that community.

The reason why Law Enforcement and the American Justice System benefit when a new Gun Control law is passed is that it increases their profits. New gun control or current control laws create future generations of new prisoners. When someone lives in a low-income community, the police are more likely to patrol that community.

The economic opportunity for people living in that community is not good. The community is most likely to be affected by economic and social issues. This inspires people to commit a crime to find other means of income. Incarceration rates in America are 2.2 to 2.3 million. We have the largest incarcerated population in the world.

Locking people up and putting them in prison is a great business when you have lawmakers making new laws. People who have study gun control know that it does not reduce crime but increases it. It’s not there to protect you, but just build profits for the Justice System.

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  • john

    This is a great detailed article with a different point of view.
    Thank you! i will pass it on

  • Todd Bailey

    Yes, and the left’s gun control got MLK murdered when they deliberately went out of their way to find a judge who would deny him a CC weapons permit.