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Gun Control A Distraction From Real Issues Facing America

Gun Control A Distraction From Real Issues Facing America
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The United States has been suffering from serious issues such as homelessness, drug addiction, divorce, increased cost of living, ghetto cities, and illegal immigration. If politicians would have been doing their job, then Americans would feel less stress. The number of mass shootings could have decreased or prevented mass shootings altogether. 

Most issues in America are self-inflicted, which causes severe problems within society. For example, if Congress would have passed strong immigration laws, then there would not be 22 million illegal immigrants living in the country. As a result, wages would not have decreased, or loss employment to cheaper workers. It would mean Americans would have more opportunity to receive a job that paid well.

In the state of California, an estimated 2.6 million illegal immigrants are living in the state. As a result, these illegal immigrants are taking away housing away from Americans. At the same time increasing the rent to make maximum profit. Of course, there can be other factors that are increasing the cost. However, if the government would have been doing its job, then there would not be 2.6 million illegal immigrants taking up housing and increasing the cost.

The same can go for cities like Chicago. Chicago has been suffering from gang violence and mass shootings, often local politicians and state advocate for gun control. However, gun control has failed in the city of Chicago. Politicians are not improving the education system, family values, investing in the community to grow business, appealing laws, and community values to decrease mass shootings. Instead, they focus on gun control and more law enforcement to lock up people so that companies can use the 13th Amendment of the Constitution for cheap labor. 

In the end, the American issues are purposely created so it can be used for political purposes. Politicians campaign to show that they are fixing the country, but is false. After a mass shooting, politicians call for gun control, but the reason we have so many mass shootings is that issues are not be fixed such as the mental health system, reducing taxes, decreasing the cost of living, fixing immigration, and other issues. They have created the problem they are not the solution because their solution will become a problem.

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