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Gun Control Is Not The Solution To Stopping Mass Shootings

Gun Control Is Not The Solution To Stopping Mass Shootings
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Recently in America, there have been a total of three mass shootings. One in Ohio, while the other two are in the state of Texas in Odessa and El Paso. Many politicians and mainstream media have called for gun control. However, statistics have shown people are less likely to die from mass shootings. Second, it is election season, which means politicians will use mass shootings to push their political goals. Red flag laws, promoting background checks, closing loopholes will do nothing to stop a mass shooter or shooters. Only a good guy with a gun will stop a bad guy with a good.

A mass shooter, or knife attack can be stopped by force with a civilian trained to stop an attacker. Remember a mass killer can be anybody even a police officer, security guard, a child, teacher, and other individuals. There is no such thing as safe in society and outside society. Many Americans in the early 20th century feared the mob. In the 1980s and 1990s, people feared thugs and gangsters. There will always be danger in life. In nations that have ban firearms such as England and China mass stabbings and assaults are very high. Again a trained civilian with a logical mindset will stop an attack faster, then law enforcement.

For example, if an individual is going to conduct an attack onto a facility, then he, or she has many tactical advantages. The attacker is choosing the location, knows the inns, and out of that location, the individual has the element of surprise, which is critical to creating shock and ah effect. It takes the police an average of 5 to 10 minutes to respond. Once at the location, it takes law enforcement to get organized to figure out what is happening because the police are second on the scene. Which means 95 percent of cases there will always be disorganization. On the other hand, the attacker is organized and has laid out his or her plan and will be very organized. The fastest way to stop these type of attacks is a civilian trained to handle a firearm and is very educated in the law to prevent these types of attacks in a matter of seconds. The mass shooter needs to be countered immediately to stop his or her attack. The state can set laws for people who choose to carry a firearm. For example, maybe just revolvers only with a max capacity of 8 to carry in public. Of course, the state will make the laws.

On the other hand, long term fixes are needed to stop mass shootings such as fixing family values, homelessness, illegal immigration, values of life, and maybe mandatory military services to create a disciplined society. Not increasing swat teams, mass shootings drills for student because the student, or teacher can be the mass shooter. Plus it is a waste of taxpayer money. The best way is to fix societies issues. If not, then a train and educated civilian with a gun is the fastest way to stop mass killers. However, 10 percent of the time a civilian with a gun or police officer can not stop a mass shooter such as the Las Vegas shooter.

In the end, a law-abiding citizen that is educated in the law will stop mass shooters faster because the attacker can be confronted immediately. More laws and regulations will not stop mass shooters or a different type of attack like using knives. Next anybody can be a mass shooter or killer a police officer, security guard, teacher, a child, and the list goes on. Remember, if society wants mass shootings to stop, then fixing societies issues is the best solution. Combating homelessness, fixing illegal immigration, drug crises, suicide, family values, community values, values, and possibly military service.

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