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Gun Registration A Dangerous Proposition

Gun Registration
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The state of California passed a law making anybody in the state that purchase a so-called “assault rifle” must register the weapon to the Department of Justice (DOJ) of California. The more people who register, the more freedom and is put into the government’s hands. Remember in history, firearm registration has existed in other countries, and their government became a dictatorship or a communist government. Gun registration must not exist because of the history by dictatorships, to support freedom of the Second Amendment, preserve the Republic, and other methods to combat crime without violating the constitutional rights of Americans.

When we examine the history of registering gun look no further than Adolf Hitler during the 1930’s. Gun registration was used against the Jews before the start of World War II. These Jews lost their firearms before the war started because the German government documented every citizen who purchases a gun and possessed a firearm. As a result, the Jews had no fighting chance against the German government. This lead to 6 million Jews dying in many concentration camps. The German government is just one example of how gun control can endanger peoples freedom.

In America, the Second Amendment of the Constitution establishes freedom for all citizens and to protect Americans against a foreign and domestic threat. However, in the past, all men had to be in the state militia. The mandatory militia service as well as having the freedom to own a gun for self-defense, which is considered private property and had to be taken away with a severe crime after due process establishes freedom. Imagine today, if every man had to serve in the military, then it would be difficult to invade America, but it established the first part of the Second Amendment. However, the first part of the Second Amendment has been lost because of the Dick Act of 1903, which made the military a more professional force but removed the mandatory military service for all men. It causes the America people to lose some of their freedom.

As a result, more gun control laws on being added to the books, which is dangerous to the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment in its original form was perfect.The mandatory military service provided discipline to society and learning how to operate a gun. On the other hand, people had guns for an individual reason as well for hunting and self-defense. A person who committed a crime and was given due process and found guilty depending on the offense can only take his or her firearm confiscated. The system was simple and not complicated. This system keeps the republic safe. Every man in every state was in the militia and had military training and combat experience. It would prevent the federal government from taking over the state and make it difficult from foreign invasion.

Today’s view of guns is to fight and preserve gun rights. Statistics show that gun control does nothing to reduce gun violence. It is a smart way for some politicians to get elected into office because people think gun control is a successful strategy to fight crime, but it isn’t. Gun control brings more government in peoples lives. For example, A state passes a gun control law, which the state will have to hire more law enforcement, which cost taxpayers money. These police officers are now going to lock up people, which cost more taxpayers. These people get out of jail or prison and can’t get a job. Not able to find a job they might go back to committing a crime. That’s gun control, didn’t make the community any safer because the state didn’t invest in education, family values, and economic opportunity to fix the issues the community is facing.

In the end, the old system provided a disciplined society by making every man serve in the military and having individual rights to own guns. The Second Amendment in its original form would not have been infringed, and military weapons would have been legal to purchase. Of course, with a modern approach to training men to fight in combat. Gun control is slowly taking away American freedoms. The old system provided discipline, which society wouldn’t be suffering from all these issues such as high crime, but also the banning of different types of firearms. Making military service mandatory like when the Second Amendment was written will help to remove many gun control laws because it’s going back to the original foundation of the Second Amendment along with individual rights.

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