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Illegal Immigration Solution

Illegal immigration concept as a chain fence with a hole shaped as text that represents people illegaly crossing a national border violating the migration law of the country as undocumented immigrants.
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Republican Candidate Donald J. Trump has been talking about illegal immigration, since he started his campaign on June 16, 2015.

Donald Trump is preparing to wage his war on illegal immigration when he is elected into office. If Donald Trump does become President, then President Trump might want to consider working with congress to pass a bill to prosecute mayors and local officials for failing to enforce illegal immigration laws within the United States. Many of these cities are sanctuary cities that house illegal aliens.

These sanctuary cities put the public in great danger; because illegal immigrates can bring diseases and crime. These cities do not allow Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) to enforce immigration laws. This allows individuals to hide illegally inside sanctuary cities, which could be a threat to the community. One statistic shows that 200 cities in the United States are sanctuary cities.

The American people should not be angry at illegal immigrates crossing the border, but people should be angry at the government. If the government would have done their job, then illegal immigration would not be an issue today.

Many people get angry at illegal immigrates for taking their jobs, increase crime, welfare, free health care, free education, housing, and other benefits. The problem with these people they never realize whose job it is to stop these people from coming into the country. The job and responsibility go’s to the federal government, then the state government, then the local government. It’s the government’s job to defend and to protect American citizens and the government has failed.

The State of California is a perfect example how leaders in the state have failed to enforce illegal immigration laws. In the state of California, it is estimated that 2.6 million illegal immigrates live within the state. The state government has failed to enforce the law but passes other law to lock up Americans.

It’s funny how the state always passes gun control laws. Politicians say this will reduce crime, but they don’t enforce illegal immigration laws. This would appear to violate the Second Amendment because they are not enforcing illegal immigration laws to reduce crime. This is a perfect example, how the state of California does not work for the people, but say anything to get elected into office.

The government officials who have failed should step down, be prosecuted, or be voted out of the office to make way for individuals who put American citizens first. When these new leaders are put into office, then new immigration laws should be passed to fight illegal immigration. These new laws need to be smart and civil in its approach, so there is no discrimination among nobody. Laws that seem too discriminated can cost the state a lot of money in lawsuits, so smart lawmaking is needed.

Example: Illegal Immigration Solutions

Immigration policy

The best way to tackle illegal immigration without discrimination is to have smart policies. These policies need to target areas where illegal immigrates, live, work, and receive their education. These are the three areas that need to be enforced by law.

Other people believe that law enforcement is the best way to handle illegal immigration. Law Enforcement can pull people over when they are giving someone a ticket, and then ask them if they are a citizen of the United States. This sounds well in theory, but the police might stop anybody who is brown and ask them for citizenship. Some law enforcement officials might use racial profiling.

The issue using law enforcement it could create civil rights violations and create tons of lawsuits, which can cost the taxpayers a lot of money. Using law enforcement can create hate in the legal immigrate population, which would not benefit the community or the police. This is why illegal immigration needs to be tackled smartly. This is an example how to stop undocumented immigrants with smart policies.


For a student to attend Preschool, Elemental, Middle School, High School, and College they must show that they are a United States citizen. Every year they must fill out a form to attend school and fill out a citizenship form for the child k-12.

To attend college a student must fill out a citizenship form every semester. The state, federal government or both should create a database for this system if there is not already one.

This law would ensure that every year a student attends a school that they are a United States citizen and not an illegal immigrate. This is where police can be used to fight illegal immigration in education.

There is always one police officer on campus to arrest somebody who breaks the law. This is where the law can be used in a targeted area to fight illegal immigration without violating someone’s civil rights.

If the child is an illegal immigrate or the parent lied on the form, then that child and the parent that fill out the form should go to jail for six months, then be deported. This would stop undocumented immigrants from attending public education k-12 and college. This would eliminate undocumented immigrants from the education system.

This policy would stop illegal aliens from coming into the nation because their children would not receive any education, while living inside the United States illegally. By removing illegal aliens from school this would create more income to go to American children. This would eliminate wasteful spending going to undocumented children in the education sector, but ensure that American kids are put first.


The same system should be applied when buying, renting, or living in a dwelling. The landlord or real estate agent would need to provide a form for citizenship to apply to a residents. The state/federal government would do a background check on those individuals who want to apply to a resident.

The landlord or the real estate agent would need to ensure that everyone applying to a property in the U.S. is a U.S. Citizen. If the landlord or agent fails to comply with the law, then 6 to 1-year sentence in jail for the landlord or agent. The same would apply to illegal immigrates, which they would serve a 1-year sentence in prison, and then deported.

After, the landlord or agent has passed the information to the government. Then the government would find who is illegal and arrest those individuals who were trying to live in a resident illegally. This is a perfect example of how the police can target illegal immigration in a property.


The business owner and undocumented immigrant should be both prosecuted harshly if the owner or hirer knows that the individual is an illegal immigrate. All businesses should go through the government E-verify system by law to see if they are a United States citizen. The congress should pass a bill and pass it into law to make sure every business is using the E-verify system. This will ensure everyone at a company is a United States citizen.

Law enforcement can target illegal aliens who lied on the citizenship form. While the law enforcement is there, they can check the records of that business if they suspect if illegal immigrates are being hired at that business. If an illegal immigrate is working for a company illegally and receiving a paycheck, without being in the E-verify system, this might lead to suspicion that this person is an illegal immigrate. The only way law enforcement can enter the business to search for illegal aliens is if the E-verify system confirmed that an individual was an illegal immigrate.

The E-verify system should be made for education and property. Having a similar or same E-verify system for education, property, and jobs should start to remove illegal immigrates out of these sectors.

This would make sure these industries are letting Americans into these positions. This system would keep track of these industries. This would make sure that illegal immigrates are not benefiting in any way. This would start the process of removing 11 million undocumented immigrants out of the country.

The removal of education, property, and jobs will remove illegal immigrates out of the country. With nowhere to educate, sleep, and income, this should drive them out.This will ensure that the law is followed inside the homeland and put American citizens first.

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