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Increasing Suicides Rate In America

A desperate Young businessman, to commit suicide
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What are the leading causes of suicides, and what can we do to prevent deaths? It is a hard topic to talk about, but it is an issue no one wants to break down and analyze the causes. Mostly everyone goes through a mental state of suicide. Hopefully, you are not in that category. Suicide is the top 10 leading cause of death. Americans have been committing suicide over woman/men, not being faithful to God, having a bad childhood, something happened in their life, a disorder that someone has, and finances. This topic should be put in schools and taught in classes to show in time things will get better. The reward will be outstanding, and then that person will realize it is worth being alive.

Some people eat foods that have GMOs in it, and that could maybe cause depression, which could lead to suicide. GMOs can wrap around your DNA, which doesn’t have nutrition value in the food. People that are heavy drinkers have their mind think of suicide according to kellybroganmd.com

There is a lot of cases where people will blame everyone else, instead of not looking at their family situation. It usually happens when families are broken, usually for younger people 10-30 years of age.

For example, the case between Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy. The family blamed the girl for making him commit suicide, but if the parents were open with their son and talked to him about it, then maybe there wouldn’t have been an issue. Some experts, think the results would have come out more positive than negative. Nothing is taught in America to keep families together, for example, talking openly with each other. America has suicide hotlines and places to help people out, but nothing to prevent it, nothing to tell you before you think of committing suicide. When you think about this; why hasn’t this issue been put into peoples minds at an early stage, why hasn’t it been taught in school, why hasn’t the suicide rate gone down, but only go up?

In 2015, the girl teen suicide rate went above the charts, between 2007 to 2015, the suicide rate increased by 30 percent for teen boys. According to a CDC expert, Thomas Simon said, there isn’t one explanation for this topic; he said one of the issues is a history of substance abuse, mental health stigma, and lingering economic stress. Between 1999-2015 there have been over 600,000 suicides from American citizens according to the CDC and 2015 being the highest suicide year according to cdc.gov.

Alabama has a suicide every 12 hours; it is the 3rd cause of death between the ages 15-24 and the fourth cause of death for the ages 10-14. On average the state has almost 15,000 suicides a year. In the state of California, there is a suicide every 2 hours, between the ages 25-34 is the second cause of death, between ages 10-24 is the 3rd cause of death, and the state is the 11th leading cause of death. In the state of Oregon, there is a suicide about every 12 hours, about 14,000 people die by suicide a year, and it is the second leading cause of death between the ages 15-34. In the state of Colorado about every 8 hours there is a suicide, its the number one cause of death between the ages 10-14 and the 2nd leading cause of 15-44, and 23,267 deaths a year.

Among all the suicides, the average cost per suicide is $1,287,534. It requires the society to pay about $56.9 million a year cost for medical and work loss, clean up and investigation. People that want to commit suicide usually never get treatment or ask for help.

People that commit suicide also hurt the people that are around them, it hurts them mentally, and it is a burden to the person or persons that have to deal with the finances. There is always help, but the best way to prevent suicide is it educate children in school to prevent it. Parents should sign their kid or kids up for a class for suicide prevention in an early stage of adulthood. We do not want anyone to kill themselves!

The youngest girl to commit suicide was from Oregon, and she was only six years old. Her name was Samantha Kuberskki according to seattleweekly.com. Psychiatrist Dr. Kirk Wolfe said, “Most kids this age are not aware of what death actually is,” he also said, “Not until they get to be 8, 9, and 10 do they understand death is final and you don’t come back.” She may have accidentally killed herself by hanging herself by a corduroy belt according to detectives. When I was in elementary, we had sex education, talked about AIDS, and what happens if you got it, we talked about smoking cigarettes, and what could happen. We were taught this because the cities didn’t want it to spread to other people.

Hawaii, Texas, New Jersey, District of Columbia, and Nebraska are five states that have the lowest suicide rate. States like this have the lowest unemployment rate and programs that encourage to talk about it instead of committing suicide. The highest suicide states that have the most suicides should take an example of these states and help to prevent it suicide.

Many different things cause suicide, bullying, and cyber-bullying, for instance. There are many different reasons why a loved one commits suicide. The history of the individual might commit this act because of child abuse, mental illness and a lot of other things. If all these topics were talked about instead of being pushed aside, there would be less of a high rate. If parents spoke of the problem, there would be a lot less self-killing. If it were taught in school at an early age we would have fewer kids killing themselves even adults, sometimes adults need help, we have all been there, and that is okay. Find the nearest program for suicide prevention and get help if necessary or talk to a close somebody or help a person you know.

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