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Is Iran Going To Be Invaded By The United States

Is Iran Going To Be Invaded By The United States
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The United States and Iran are increasing tensions of another Middle Eastern war. Recently, the United States passed oil sanctions on Iran. The sanctions are designed to eliminate 40 percent of Iran’s revenue. Iran has threatened to cut off the Strait of Hormuz to counter US sanctions. Blocking the Strait of Hormuz will cut global oil supplies to the world. The oil sanctions and cutting the Strait of Hormuz could create a war between America and Iran. What will America gain if it invades Iran and wins? What will Iran gain if it wins against the United States?

If the United States invades Iran, then the goal is to remove the government of Iran and install a pro-Washington leader in Tehran. As a result, America will have more control in the Middle East once Iran is removed. No more Iranian support in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Gaza, and Hamas by Israel. America will have control of oil resources, which will limit China receiving oil from Iran once conquered. Currently, the Washington Times reported that the Trump Administration might be sending 120,000 troops to the Middle East to combat Iran and backed Iranian proxies. However, the United States can also lose a war against Iran.

The Russians will support the Iranians to combat against an American invasion of Iran. In Syria, Russia has been supporting the Assad regime to ensure the United States does not install a pro-Washington leader. They will support their ally Iran to ensure the United States doesn’t gain more influence in the Middle East. Russia could supply Iran with Russian weapons, soldiers, training, and heavy military equipment from the Caspian Sea. For Russia, if oil facilities are destroyed in Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., and Qatar, then oil prices will go up, which can benefit the Russian economy since Russia is the 2nd biggest oil exporter. Russia could benefit from high oil prices, while Iran will be fighting for its survival. However, America has lost many conflicts in the Middle East. For example, the war in Afghanistan, struggling to keep control in Iraq, and the failure to remove Assad out of Syria because of Russian support. Yemen is another hot spot where Iranian proxies are fighting against an American ally, Saudi Arabia. If Iran wins against the United States, then there will be a retreat of US forces in the Middle East. With so many conflicts, the United States will have a difficult time maintaining its presents with Russian and Iranian influence spreading in the Middle East If the United States is defeated in a war against Iran.

In the end, if the United States wins a war against Iran, then America and its allies will have more control and influence in the Middle East since Iranian proxies will lose its support from Iran because of regime change. Basically, ripping the heart out (Iranian homeland) and then the veins die (Iranian proxies). If Iran wins a war against America, then the United States will start to lose influence and control of the Middle East because Iranian proxies and Russia will begin to spread to gain more influence and power. Each side has something to win and lose.

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