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Is A New Type Of Cold War Going to Start Soon

Is A New Type Of Cold War Going to Start Soon
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Currently, in the world, there is an increasing number of conflicts. The nations that are affected by these conflicts are the United States, Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, India, and Pakistan. America and the Chinese are fighting in a Trade War. Russia is leaving the INF treaty and fighting proxy wars against the United States. China is facing domestic issues in Hong Kong and Taiwan. North Korea is firing short-range missiles to provoke South Korea and America.  Iran is threatening a new war in the Middle East because of the economic sanction imposed by the United States.  In India, the Kashmir region is under secure lockdown, which affects Pakistan.  

The world appears to become more violent. These increasing conflicts are increasing tensions, possibly of new wars. Here is a list of war scenario:

As China fights with internal issues, it is also grappling with the United States over trade. The trade war is to make sure America is the number one economic power. For years China has been using currency manipulation and have created shady trade deals to gain wealth. When countries do business with China in most cases, these countries can’t repay the debt.

As a result, the nation settles the debt by allowing China to construct a military base, which will enable China to gain economic and military control over a country. The hope is America can make a fair trade deal with China to ensure the United States stays the number one economy. Along with discussing other issues such as China stealing intellectual property.

Russia is an increasing threat to Europe and the United States. Recently, Russia and America will soon be leaving the INF treaty. As a result, these missiles can be nuclear. The main reason the Russians and Americans left the treaty is because China was not part of the treaty.

Russia is currently more dangerous to the United States because they have combat experience. Their military campaigns in Ukraine, Syria, and Georgia has build their confidence to challenge the United States on foreign policy such as Venezuela and Iran. They will continue to try to jab at America when they can.

Hong Kong: The city of Hong Kong is still controlled by China, but has a different legal system because it was once controlled under British rule until 1997. Hong Kong legal system is supposed to remain the same until 2047. However, it appears mainland China does not want to wait that long to gain control. As a result, people of Hong Kong see the mainland stepping over their rights. 

If China manages to gain more authority under Hong Kong, then Taiwan might be next. China has already gained more influence over Tibet. For China to expand globally, it must first gain control and full authority of any region that thinks differently or wants independents. The control of Tibet, Hong Kong, and Taiwan will allow China to step outside its borders militarily once they have clamped down on civil unrest. 

Iran is feeling increasing pressure from US sanctions, which is causing economic hardship. The goal of US sanctions is to ensure Iran is unable to sell oil, which hurts Iran and China. If China buys Iranian oil, then Chinese companies can be subject to sanctions.

America hopes that Iran will come back to discuss a deal to eliminate its nuclear weapons program and missiles program. However, Iran is rejecting calls for talks with the United States because they were complying with the nuclear deal. Iran also blow up a US drone and seized a British oil tanker because the British seized an Iranian oil tanker.

India and Pakistan are fighting over the Kashmir region. Currently, the Kashmir region is under lockdown with the full might of Indian forces controlling the region. As a result, Pakistan might respond if there are reports of death, control, or suffering in Kashmir.

Both India and Pakistan are nuclear powers, and fear of war could start a nuclear conflict. Worst case America could be dragged into the conflict to defend India, while China steps in to defend Pakistan. Russia might stay out of the conflict because they sell arms to India.

In the end, there are increasing tensions, which can spark into wars. Some of these future conflicts can drag the United States into wars with the Chinese, or Russian allies, or state actors. The trade war with China can become a military conflict. America might invade, or interfere with Russian allies, which Russia will respond. North Korea and Iran’s nuclear weapons and alliances threaten US allies. India and Pakistan might start a new war in Kashmir, which can turn nuclear. Tensions are increasing the hope is we are not entering the new Cold War.


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