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Is Asia Under Threat By China & North Korea

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China and North Korea might work together to remove American influence in South Korea to unite the Peninsula.

As we know, the Chinese have already taken control of the South China Sea. China might have other military ambitions to expand its influence in Asia. The biggest question is North Korea and China secretly working together to undermined American power in Asia. The Chinese have a lot to gain if they back the North Korean’s invasion of South Korea, but other parts of Asia too. It would not be the first time China and North Korea have worked together.

The North Korean’s and Chinese have a history together starting in the Korean War between the years of 1950 to 1953. The United States began, fighting China at the end of 1950. The United States and the United Nations (UN) cooperate to stop North Korea’s advancement into South Korea, which America called a Police Action.

China and North Korea worked together to stop America and South Korea’s advancement onto North Korean’s territory. The United States, UN, North Korea, South Korea, and China ended back at the 38th parallel where the war started. The war concluded in a stalemate between North and South Korea.

Both nations signed for a cease- fire at the 38th parallel, where the original borders were when the war started. The dispute between South and North Korea has not officially ended because there was no peace treaty signed between the two nations at the end of the war.

The whole point of the Chinese entering the conflict against the United States and the United Nations (UN) was to stop the spread of Western Democracy so that Democracy or Western thinking would not spread to Communist nations like North Korea and China.

This would create a buffer zone between the West and the East in Asia. In 1961 China and North Korea signed Sino-DPKP (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) treaty, which if North Korea is invaded by a foreign power or attacked that China will help defend North Korea. America will defend South Korea, if South Korea is attacked or invaded, by North Korea.

Today, North Korea is an isolated nation that relies on its government to produce resources for the people of North Korea. The government controls the North Korean’s economy. If foreign companies wanted to invest in North Korea, the government controls the location of where the investment can lay within the country. The yearly GDP is about 10, 12, to 28 billion dollars a year. It’s hard to find hard facts about the actual economic growth of North Korea because it’s an isolated nation.

The North Korean military consist of 9,000,000 to 10,000,000 troops. 33 percent of its GDP is spent on its military. Another statistic shows, a third of its GDP is spent on the military. Another statistic shows 15 to 40 percent of GDP is devoted to the military.

The North Korean military is a significant threat when it comes to ground forces, because of the amount troops at their disposal. The population of North Korea is estimated at 22,000,000 to 23,000,000 in 2009. Some suggesting that about half of North Korea’s population is in the military. China helps to support the nation of North Korea.

Chinese Foreign Policy Towards North Korea

China provides economic aid to North Korea, by supplying 500,000 tons of food according to one statistic in 2005 and supplies 50,000 tons of oil a month. Another statistic shows 300,000 to 1,000,000 barrels of oil a year is supplied to North Korea, provided by the Chinese. The Chinese are hoping that the economy will improve in North Korea, which will make sure the regime will not collapse, so there is no refugee crisis in China, but also American influence is not closer to the Chinese border if the regime collapses. To ensure that American influence is not spread into North Korea.

The Chinese do not want to see a change in government to go against Chinese foreign policy if the Kim Family collapses. The Kim Family was established in 1948 at the end of World War II. The Kim Family is treated like gods within the nation. The Chinese are hoping for a better economic improvement in North Korea, so the country will not collapse. The way the Kim Family keeps the people from overthrowing the government is from propaganda.

The North Korean government excels at manipulating the people to believe that South Korea and the United States are always threatening North Korea, fueled by North Korean propaganda. The propaganda that government spreads throughout North Korea keeps the people brainwash, which many citizens in North Korea, believes that the outside world is after North Korea. This propaganda is one element, which helps keep the Kim Family in power. The Chinese and the Kim Family contributes to keeping North Korea afloat.

China does not want the North Koreans to have a nuclear weapon because they fear that it can start a nuclear arms race in Asian countries. The North Koreans are trying to build their nuclear program to achieve a nuclear weapon. The reason why China goes against North Korean’s nuclear weapons program is that it reduces the chance of a nuclear arms race, within Asia, which could undermine Chinese influence in Asia, if North Korea does achieve a Nuclear weapon.

If the United Nations (UN) and China stop North Korea’s Nuclear program, this will protect China to expand its military within Asia, because other Asian nations do not possess Nuclear arms. This only possible if North Korea does not continue with its nuclear program.

China & North Korean Aggression In Asia

The Chinese have seized control of the South China Sea for military and economic purposes. They have started creating man-made islands to install military installations, by building an artificial island. The Chinese have also put in an Air identification zone within the South China Sea.

The South China Sea is important to China because it contains oil and natural gas. They will also control trade that passes through the South China Sea. This allows them also to control fishing within the South China Sea. Many Asian neighbors argue that they should not control the South China Sea. The surrounding nations in Asia see China as a possible threat to their country.

China and North Korea could be potentially planning to invade South Korea. The Chinese will back the North Korean’s by provided financial resources and military equipment. The reason why China will benefit from the invasion of South Korea is because American influence will be removed from the peninsula. This will allow China to eliminate a possible threat from the United States and will start the removal of American influence in Asia. The North Korean’s and Chinese will benefit because they would gain natural resources, land, and ports so that China and North Korea can spread its influence to other parts of Asia. Invading land after land taking Asian Nations.

The reason why China will be safer is that the American’s can’t put military equipment on South Korea to attack North Korea or China, in case there is ever a major conflict with America. The reason why China might support the invasion of South Korea is because the Americans are in financial crises with an enormous deficit. The North Korean’s would receive funding and heavy weapons from China. This will also help China to expand its influence in Asia. This will help North Korea and China to put submarines, other military equipment by having control of South Korea and make more threats towards Japan and other America allies in Asia.

This is the beginning of a Cold War. The Chinese know America has an enormous deficit, which is 19 trillion dollars and climbing. They also know America will make the biggest mistake in history if America invades the Middle East and becomes trapped. China has already attacked America with economic warfare and cyber warfare. The Chinese are building its military for what reason? Well, we know the reason to remove American influence in Asia.

The Chinese will not attack American allies with America troops based on the country. Instead, the Chinese could use North Korea to attack American allies, while the Chinese supply military equipment, and financial aid. China might want to invade Taiwan or Vietnam head on because they are not an American ally.

America needs a strong and intelligent leader to combat the Chinese threat. The first step America should take, is to build the economy and create healthy growth. This high growth will result in more wealth to combat threats in Asia because America will have more money to fight the wars.

The Second step is to build a strong alliance with Asian allies in the region. America should send military advisors to train Asian military allies. America should also push for more arms deals towards Asian allies. America should send more troops, armor, navy, and aircraft in the region to build support.

America should also put cyber security training in high school as a trade, so America can make a strong Cyber Defense/offense capable of combating Chinese and North Korea Cyber attacks for the future. By starting trade school for cyber security in high schools, America should have more people in the field to build a defense/offense against cyber attacks for the upcoming decades.

But all these conflicts start when America makes a terrible decision, like becoming trap into another military conflict in the Middle East. Making the deficit raise higher and higher. For America to survive future events in Asia, America needs to make wise decisions, so that none of these conflicts ever come to play.

The master plan China and North Korea (step scenario):

Step 1
The American’s have no treasure, which will make America harder to fight military conflicts around the World. The American’s decision to start another campaign to fight in the Middle East will drain capital and hurt America financially.

Step 2
Wait until the Americans invade the Middle East to fight against ISIS so that the Americans spend treasure, manpower, and armor. Wait until America is stuck fighting in Middle East Conflict again. While the Americans are stuck fighting in the Middle East, China will support North Korea to invade South Korea. This might be the perfect opportunity for China to remove American influence in the region.

Step 3
The North Korean’s and Chinese will display propaganda, so there is justification to Blame the South Koreans for the conflict, which will allow China and North Korea to invaded South Korea because South Korea Started.

The Americans plan (steps):

Step 1
The Americans should support South Korea by providing heavy military equipment and other resources to ensure American influence. The United States should also put 100,000 to 200,000 American soldiers in South Korea need to be prepared for a conflict with North Korea. America should allow prisoners and illegal immigrants to be drafted into the Armed Forces.

Illegal immigrants that choose to join the Armed Forces as a volunteer will help America lower cost for the military, but also provided a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants that serve. Criminals that chose to join the Armed Forces will reduce the cost for the army and will help these criminals be released after duty is done. This will allow America to have an active fighting focus against North Korea and possibility other hot sports in Asia.

Step 2
America should not fall into another trap into a Middle Eastern conflict with ISIS. Instead, America should use Special focuses, air strikes, cyber warfare, Middle Eastern alliances, NATO alliances, and cut financial resources to ISIS. Instead, America should look at the consequences of a full-blown war in the Middle East.

Step 3
Without invading the Middle East, America should have financial wealth to be prepared for a major conflict in Asia.

Step 4
America should create more arms deals with Asian allies in Asia. This will help build America’s arms industry and create more wealth for America. Japan should also allow its people to buy guns for civilians, kind of like America with the Second Amendment. This will create a deterrent for China to invade it.


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