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Is HIV on the Rise

HIV transmission
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The human immunodeficiency virus or better known as (HIV) is one of the most serious diseases in the world affecting millions of people.

The major issue with this illness, is it spreading in the United States? As we know, America had a major outbreak of this disease back in the early 1980’s. At the beginning of the 1980s, this disease would mostly show in gay men and drugs users who injected themselves with a needle.

Today, HIV still primarily affects gay men and drug users. According to one statistic from wikipedia.org 1.2 million Americans have this disease and 1 in 8 does not know that they are affected with this disease. When we examine gay populations, there has been an increase in HIV.

Some American cities have seen a major increase in HIV transmission.  For example, the city of Atlanta located in Georgia has an HIV rate of a third-world country according to hiphopwired.com.  The most vulnerable people living in Atlanta are young gay black men. The reason the disease is spreading is because of the lack of education, economic opportunity, and the city does not have a health care system in place to fight this disease. These are some factors why this disease is spreading in this city.

Another example is the state of Florida. Florida is one of the highest states with new HIV infections. Four cities in the state of Florida have high HIV rates in Miami, Orlando, Tampa Bay, and Jacksonville. This also includes other cities in the state. Some argue Governor Rick Scott has cut health care services across the state, which is contributing to a rise in HIV infections.  Due to budget cuts every year in the state. The budget cuts are affecting health care services according to miamiherald.com.

Other say the disease is increasing because of the lack of taking the disease seriously among young people. If you become affected by this illness, then you only have to take a pill a day to live. This attitude among young gay men may be contributing to the high rise in new HIV infections.

HIV affects mostly gay men. The study found that 1 and two black men are at risk at contracting the disease, 1 and 4 Hispanic men are at risk at contracting the diseases, and 1 and 11 white men are in danger of contracting this disease according to hiphopwired.com & washingtonpost.com.

In the end, according to the washingtonpost.com found that individuals living in Maryland are 1 in 49, Florida 1in 54, Georgia 1 in 51, Washington, D.C. 1 in 13, and Louisiana 1in 56 are at very high risk of contracting HIV. The most affected region with high HIV is the South. Local and state governments need to do a better job of fighting this disease in our cities. This disease has affected millions and has increase which is not a good sign for all citizens living in the United States.  Let’s hope that our elected officials can find a quick solution to ensure there is not a new epidemic in our country.

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