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ISIS Fighters Terrorizing The Philippines

ISIS fighters terrorizing the Philippines
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In the city of Marawi, the Filipino government is fighting small groups of terrorist that are loyal to ISIS.

These two groups are Abu Sayyaf and Maute group. These terrorist organizations have agreed to a line its self with ISIS to spread radical Islam. Many countries have feared terrorism inside their country, but for the Filipino government, terrorism has become a reality.ISIS is a growing threat worldwide because now it is spreading in Asia. There has always been Islamic terrorist groups inside the nation, but this is an extreme case where an Islamic terrorist organization has teamed up and attempted to overthrow the government.

The Filipino government is hoping to stop these terrorist groups inside their nation before they become a significant threat. The government suspects that terrorist might come from the Middle East or other countries around the globe to support the terrorist fighting in the Philippines. The government is fighting hard to take back the city of Marawi from the terrorist. President Rodrigo Duterte has enacted Martial law on the island of Mindanao where the city of Malawi is located.

If ISIS is successful in building a new Caliphate in Asia, this will allow them to gain a new foothold in Asian countries. They can use the Filipino island as a new launch pad to invade other Asian nations to spread their radical ideas. So far, their success in creating this new Caliphate in the Philippines will be challenging. The president of the Philippines has called its military to destroy ISIS by any means. America has joined the fight against them to.

So far, the fighting has killed 58 Philippines soldiers, and about 190 ISIS fighters have died in the conflict. The government is hoping to destroy ISIS in the region before they become a significant threat to the island. The Filipino government does not want to go through a process of retaking the land. As they already have seen the major challenges, the government of Syria and Iraq are going through. So they can not afford to let ISIS win in the region.

It would be a major success for ISIS if they can achieve this goal because they are losing territory in Iraq and Syria. Since America, Russia, Iran, and Syria been fighting against it. In recent months ISIS has started to launch more terrorist attacks in European nations for the loss of ground In the region. ISIS is establishing in 30 countries worldwide. Even if ISIS is defeated, they might want to move to Asia to start the process all over again.

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