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Islamic Terrorism on the rise

Islamic Terrorism
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The United States government needs to prepare their citizens for future terrorist’s attacks inside the nation.

States have done an excellent job at training law enforcement for counter-terrorism operations, but what are they doing to prepare their citizens to defend them-self from future terrorists’ attacks.

States like Texas have allowed their citizens to carry firearms openly only if, individuals complete all the requirements. The requirement to receive an open carry permit is gun training, background check, and is 21 years of age. Other states should start making similar policies to fight the war on terror inside the homeland. To not create any system similar to this will endanger public safety and will increase death to American citizens.

These individuals are terrorist that are prepared to kill American citizens in any way possible. They have managed to brainwash some American citizens by listening to Islamic propaganda from ISIS, Al- Qaeda, and other groups. These groups prey on the weak minded by using social media, blogs and websites to these unstable individuals to create an identity.

Once their identity is made, they go out and commit a terrorist attack in the name of Jihad. Their way of attack could be a bomb, knife, gun, car, plane, poison, and other ways. This is why it is important for states to prepare for future terrorist attacks inside the nation. Their psychological warfare is starting to make significant progress in America.

According to one statistic, there are suspected 900 to 1000 ISIS fighters living inside the United States. Some of these fighters travel to Syria to fight against the Syrian government, American Special Forces, and Russian troop’s station in Syria.

Some of these fighters go to other terrorist hot spots to receive training and combat experience. Once, they are finished with their training they come back home with combat experience to threaten American cities and other targets.

Obama has allowed 680,000 Middle Eastern Refugees to come inside the country from terrorist hot spots. The primary concern is will these refugees become terrorists and attack inside America. Obama is currently trying to put in 10,000 Syrian Refugees inside America but is it just going to increase the danger of another terrorist attack to come.

During President Obama’s two terms in office, there have been at least eight terrorist attacks inside the homeland. Here is a list of Islamic terrorist attacks on American soil since he has been president.

1. Little Rock, Arkansas 2009 Abdulhakim Muhammad had training from Al- Qaeda. He was successful in his terrorist attack killing Pvt. William.

2. Fort Hood, Texas 2009 Nidal Malik Hasan killed 14 people at a military base. He was in communication with the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda.

3. Boston, Massachusetts 2013 Tamerlan, and Dhozkar brothers killed three people and injured 260 others at the Boston Marathon. The brothers became radicalized by attending a mosque with Al-Qaeda connects.

4. Brooklyn, New York 2014 Ismaayil Brinsley killed two police officers. Ismaayil Brinsley had terrorist ties to a mosque.

5. Garland, Texas 2015 Two men who supported ISIS was planning to kill people at a Mohammed cartoon contest. The two men were shot and killed by law enforcement.

6. Chattanooga, Tennessee 2015 Muhammad Youssef was inspired by ISIS to commit these acts. He was successful in killing four Marines at a military base.

7. San Bernardino, California 2015 Syed Farook, and Tashfeen Malik killed 14 people at an office party. They were inspired by the Islamic State to commit these acts. Syed Farook had contact with Al- Qaeda, a known terrorist organization.

8. Orlando, Florida 2016 Omar Mateen killed 49 people at the Pulse Night Club. He was inspired by ISIS to commit these acts.

The president has failed to keep America safe, which shows the federal government can’t keep the public safe. If states fail to take the necessary measures to provide firearms for their citizens, then they should be held liable for every terrorist attack that happens on the homeland.

The federal government had issued a warning of an increase in terrorism inside the nation. The states had beefed up law enforcement but did not provide any training to regular citizens. The result, the San Bernardino, and Orlando Florida attack happen.

A terrorist is known to make small attacks, with a lot of damage. They are willing to attack any facility, that has heavy security, or that does not have any security. This is why it is important to put in armed security in clubs and bars. The reason why clubs and bars is because they serve alcohol. This will reduce the chances of an attack in these areas. Outside of these bars and clubs, it is important for citizens to defend them-self with their firearm.

It is already known that terrorists will kill innocent people. The Columbia v. Heller decision in 2008 allowed citizens to have handguns for self-defense. If the Federal and state government can’t protect the people, by not provided CCW permits or open-carry permits to protect them self from terrorism then American citizens are in big trouble.

Politicians cannot be playing politics in this dangerous environment. Studies have shown police, NSA, and Gun Control does not stop Islamic Terrorism. These are failed safety nets to make you feel safe. In reality, these programs do little to protect you from a terrorist attack.

Gun Control is meant to reduce gun violence or prevent gun violence, but most studies found that it does not preclude gun violence or stop gun violence. One major study from Harvard University concluded that gun control does not stop gun crimes.

The study found when the Soviet Union disarmed their population; they found the murder rate went up. In another study, they found that England’s gun control laws increased crime. In America, the city of Chicago has some of the toughest gun control laws on the books, but it does not reduce gun violence or prevent gun violence. The reason is that criminals usually get these guns illegally and commit a crime with their illegal gun, while the law abiding citizen has no way to defend them self.

The study also found that countries that ban weapons completely have some of the highest murder rates, while a country with gun ownership has a smaller death rate. One positive study from Harvard found that more gun owners that have a conceal carry permit or own a gun showed that gun owners used their gun for self-defensive. The study suggests that a person with a gun is a way to deter a criminal from committing a crime from happening.

Law enforcement takes about 5 minutes to 10 minutes to arrive at a scene. It only takes someone 30 seconds to kill 14 people, according to the San Bernardino terrorist attack. It took the swat team 3 hours to enter into the Pulse Night Club in Orlando Florida. The result, 49 people, were killed in that terrorist attack.

The police are ideal for investigations and sting operations to fight crime and terrorism. The only bad thing about the police it takes them a long time for them to come. You could be at Star Bucks, and a mass shooter or bomber comes into the place and is ready to kill everyone. The only way to stop them is if you have a concealed carry permit.

The NSA according to Edward Snowed said that the NSA has not stopped one terrorist attack inside the United States. They collect so much information from the whole nation that they do not target individuals who might be suspected of terrorism. These policies and programs are perfect examples that the government cannot protect you from terrorism.

Instead, the NSA is illegally spying on American citizens without a warrant. You’re Smartphone has a GPS system which can track your location everywhere you go. The other issues with the Smartphone, it might be hacked into to listen into your phone calls, record you and take video of you. This program in the future might be abused by political leaders, to illegal incarcerate citizens.

The government could become a threat to American citizens if terrorist keep on attacking the country because the government might pass illegal laws to suppress the people. The terrorist watch list could take away journalist guns, freedom of search, suppress their research, and might be prosecuted in the future because they could be put on this list with no due process.

The other issue the terror watch list can be abused by any political parties or individuals. These parties or political leaders might put anyone on the list if they do not like them. This could violate the First Amendment, Second Amendment, and Fifth Amendment. Radical Islam cannot win the war on terror by removing our Bill of Rights.

This is why it is important for citizens to be smart and study these political leaders’ moves. It is important for the citizen to press Congress to pass laws to allow average people to carry firearms for self-defense of themselves, their family and their nation. During this period in history, it is safer to have the open carry during these emergencies. The open carry allows citizens to see who has a gun when entering buildings and is recorded them on video.

Open carry or conceal carry is the best option to have for all American’s because it is the smart way to fight the war on terror in the homeland, but also ensures that the government is not passing illegal laws that suppress your Bill of Rights.

These changes to the law will ensure American citizens are safe from terrorism. With the Federal and State governments doing their part to combat terrorism along with the people, America has a better chance of fighting terrorism inside America.

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