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Laws And Order Broken At The Border

Laws and Order Broken At The Border
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The United States is living in a time where the law doesn’t matter. Broken immigration system has caused illegal immigrants to pour into the country from all ports of entry with immunity. As a result, high levels of illegal immigration has created an increase in crime. However, is the United States contributing to the problem of illegal immigration by keeping prostitution illegal, continuing the war on drugs, and greedy corporations who want more illegal immigration for cheap labor?

Some of these gang organizations are in the business of human trafficking. Human trafficking for labor or sex is one of the key ways international gangs make money. Having an open border between Mexico and America will allow gangs to send illegal immigrants, drugs, and kidnapping people in the United States, and throwing them into human trafficking.

However, human trafficking can be cut down by designing stronger immigration laws and legalizing prostitution. Having strong immigration laws and enforcing them should cut down human trafficking. Any illegal immigrant that comes into the country illegally should automatically get a 5-year prison sentence. Then deport them back to their homeland after servicing their sentence. Second, a legal prostitution industry would take away the black market from criminals instead citizens would purchase from the legal prostitution industry. Police can focus more resources on fighting underage or people who were forced into the sex industry by human trafficking. Legal prostitution will reduce the number of human trafficking, but will not be a full solution to stopping the problem.

No need to spend extra tax money on state and local Law enforcement to combat this crisis because its legal to pay for sex and strong immigration laws stop the flow of undocumented people coming into the nation. The other way to decrease the influx of illegal immigrants is to repeal the controlled substance Act in America and end the war on drugs in South America.

The war on drugs policy is not helping the countries combat drug addiction, but only increase crime and illegal immigration on the border. In Mexico 29,000 people died from the drug war in 2017, El Salvador, and Colombia are suffering from the same effect. As a result, some illegal aliens come to America to smuggle in drugs for profit or fleeing their country because of the violence. However, the way you cut down illegal immigrants and drugs is having these governments legalize all drugs. These countries can take the money and invest it in education, infrastructure, and economic opportunity for there people instead of spending, so much money on law enforcement and the military to combat drugs. It would remove the gang’s main source of income. It will cripple these gangs strength just like how alcohol became legal crippled the mafia’s influence.

If all drugs were legal, then regulation of these drugs would be like the alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana industry. We would have a legitimate business that would sell to the public these drugs to adults 18 and up. This change in the law will not stop addiction, but it stops the gangs and slow the flow of illegal immigration. The gangs would have to compete against a legal market in the United States and South America if it became legalized. Right now its a black market, which these gangs have full control. These are just two solutions to stop gang activity and slow the flow of illegal immigration. On the other hand, U.S. companies are contributing to the illegal immigration issue.

The Congress has been paid off by major corporations, special interest, and lobbies. They lobby congressmen and women to keep the status co. They benefit from the cheap labor, while the citizen suffers from low wages and unemployment. It’s not the illegal immigrant’s fault, but our system. The government allows them to come in because of the corporations. The Congress has designed weak immigration laws for the benefit of corporations. As a result, these corporations are bringing crime inside the United States because of their greed. It is difficult to fix this issue of lobbying; however, if citizens become more educated about who they are electing, then citizens can elect officials who will support immigration law. If that elected official fails to improve immigration law, then that official should be elected out office imminently. This only works if people keep informed about there elected official. Failing to remove congressmen and women who do not pass legislation to protect the citizen from illegal immigration will result in the same result of the status co. People who love the Second Amendment take action by voting politicians out of office who pass gun control, or support gun control. As a result, it is tough to pass any gun control law in Congress. The same passion and organization need to go towards illegal immigration.

In the end, these changes to the law should make the difference in reducing the numbers of illegal immigrants. It is a different point of view to combat illegal immigration in our country. It appears the Congress is failing to pass legislation that would stop the flow of illegal immigration, but states can take action by legalize prostitution and promoting the repeal of the controlled substance Act. Citizens need to educate themselves about elected officials and vote people in and out who fail to pass laws against illegal immigration in Congress.

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