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The List Of American Wars Could Lead To Our Downfall

List Of American Wars
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The United States is starting to take on too many wars across the globe. America has been fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, and many different parts of the Middle East and Africa. These List of American wars have cost the United States trillions of dollars and manpower. Currently, America has 2,000 special forces fighting in Syria against ISIS and hopes to keep it presents their to counter Iran in the future according to foreignpolicy.com. However, these special forces could be attacked by Russia, Iran, ISIS, or Turkey, which could start a new conflict with these nations. What will happen if the United States invades Syria and becomes stuck in a quagmire?

If the United States becomes struck in another significant conflict in the Middle East in Syria, it could severely weaken American military presence across the world. This might be the time where China, Russia, and North Korea make their military move. Russia could invade Ukraine and conquer the entire country. China could invade Tibet and Taiwan to annex it. North Korea is already trying to create a split between South Korea and the United States through peaceful means. However, once North Korea is successful in removing American forces off the peninsula, North Korea might make its military move according to upfrontpolitics.com. What all these powers have in common it is all based on what America does with its military aggression and strategy.

Russia is the nation that has mastered the counter-attack when America makes its moves. Ukraine pushes for NATO membership, Russia invades. Georgia pushes for membership into NATO and Russia invades. America wants Assad out of power, funding groups that support the removal of Assad. Russia steps in and provides support for that Assad regime. By providing air cover for Iranian and Syrian forces on the ground. These are just perfect examples of how the United States might be too aggressive in its offensive of invading nations according to upfrontpolitics.com.

While America was forcing fighting in the Middle East for about the last two decades, China and North Korea have become stronger. The Chinese annex the South China Sea. North Korea continues to build its nuclear weapons program and missile program. These countries took advantage of America under the Bush and Obama Administration. These nations have become stronger under American foreign policy because of terrible invasions of the Middle East.

Now, the United States has a new president in office, Donald Trump. Another military invasion will only allow weaker powers to become stronger. As we have seen in the past, they have taken advantage of bad American foreign policy. Instead, we should be rebuilding the military with a smart budget and rethink our entire foreign policy. Just jumping forward into every conflict like Adolf Hitler will only lead to a loss of treasure, manpower, and maybe strategic military bases across the globe. Luckily, Donald Trump has been forcing on rebuilding the military. Let’s hope that Syria does not become America’s downfall.

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