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Firearm Training Could Remove Illegal Gun Control Laws

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Many states across the country pass gun violence prevention strategies to reduce gun violence.

For example, the state of California puts more gun safety laws to prevent a gun from going off. The state is trying to pass a law when the magazine is removed from the gun the bullet left in the chamber can’t be fired. Is this meant to make a gun safer or is it illegal gun control to disarm the population?

If the state were truly for gun safety, then it would be wise just to make firearm training mandatory when somebody wants to buy a gun. This training would teach them how to shoot, clean, and handling of the firearm. The best way to reduce gun accidents is training. There would be no need to pass laws to add extra or unnecessary safety features because everyone buying a gun would go through training.

When you were 16, you started to learn how to drive a car. When you went to the DMV, they taught you how to drive a car and other training. The government just doesn’t hand you a car to drive around with no training process. Then when accidents happen they add more safety features inside the car, but still that doesn’t reduce accidents or the problem, because they still didn’t provide you training. They gave you training how to drive a car. This is what training would do to reduce gun accidents.

The state should repeal all gun control laws that appear to be unnecessary. The list of removal of gun control laws could be chamber indicator, 21 to buy a handgun, and the microstamping law for an example. The reason why these laws could be removed is that laws make it mandatory for every citizen to receive training. The individual will go through a background check, mental health checklist, and receive firearm training, which will reduce accidents deaths.

Example of Gun Training Program

When an individual turns 18 or graduates from high school, the state should make it mandatory that every individual receives firearm training. For example, training could be 2 hours a day for five days, which is a total of 10 hours in a week of firearm training. This would include handguns, rifles, shotguns, and assault rifles. Why every citizen would receive firearm training is because it teaches everyone how to use a firearm even if they don’t own a gun. This will reduce accidental deaths in the household, but also build discipline with a firearm.

The state should pay for the training and ammunition. The reason why the state would pay for this training is that when the Second Amendment was written, every male had to have firearm training. The reason why they had firearm training is that all men were in the state militia.

Another idea is to set mandatory training when someone purchases a firearm. For example, they would go through a 10-day training course or a total of 3 hours of training each day within those ten days. This is a total of 30 hours of firearm training for handguns. When you buy a shotgun, rifle, and assault rifle you go through 5 days of training. This would be 2 hours of firearm training for five days in total 10 hours of firearm training. This will hopefully remove most gun control laws because everyone receives training. This training will reduce accidents because people are trained how to use these firearms.

There is no need to pass smart gun technology laws or extra gun safety features like New Jersey. All guns in California must pass the firearm roster. This list ensures that guns have all these firearm safety features. There is no need for additional safety features to be included on the roster for firearms when everybody in the state is receiving gun training.

The biggest question is the Democratic Party just passing illegal gun control laws because their object is take away firearms from law-abiding citizens. When you examine gun control laws, they do not make sense. Adopting laws like smart gun technology, putting unnecessary features, and promoting that these laws and policies do not help to reduce gun accidents. When you can just pass mandatory training, which there will be no need for these gun control laws and policies.

If the NRA push for mandatory training this will remove the gun safety extra features and smart gun technology augment. This system would be similar to Switzerland’s gun training program where all citizens are trained how to use a firearm. This change in law should reduce accidental death by a firearm when everyone is receiving firearm training.

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