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Mass Shootings Inside The United States Back Then And Now

Mass Shootings Inside the United States Back Then And Now
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In today’s world mass shootings are starting to become more familiar inside the United States. Some suggest more gun control laws, increase conceal carry permits for handguns, and culture such as movies contribute to mass shootings. These subjects usually come up when these events happen, but they are not the solution. The main issues are family values, social media, and a lack of values into days society.

When we examine the past, mass shootings were not that common. In the 1960’s,1970’s, and 1980’s mass shootings rarely occurred according to motherjones.com. The reason is because of family values, church, and community. As a result, this system had a stable effect on American children at the time. The family was there for the child and educated the child. The church gave a child a path how to live there life. The fact that you were social and knew your community by attending church. This entire system has collapsed inside the United States.

Mass shootings happen today because divorce is at 50 percent. This high percentage will create a generation of youth that will suffer from social issues. The result will be an increase in mass shootings, drug use, crime, and other problems that society will have to deal with currently and in the future if the trend continues. The divorce process just doesn’t hurt the kids, but also the adults. These adults will contribute to an increase in stress and depression, which can create unwanted thoughts of hate and anger, instead of a strong stable family. The second issue is social media platforms.

The social media platforms increase connection among people, but fail to meet everyday physical social skills. The lack of physical social skills will create an odd social situation just not among young people, but everyone living now and in future. The lack to communicate can cause somebody to suppress their feelings and emotion. As a result, this might make someone with a lack of social skills make them hard to date or express themselves. By lacking communication skills someone might not know how to act if they are called a name. Either they commit suicide or they end up shooting the place up. These are extreme examples, but we are heading into a time were people are becoming less physically connected. The last issue hurting Americans is the lack of values of how to live life.

The lack of values today might be the cause of the increase in mass shootings. The fact that an individual was never taught a path how to live their life. Thats where christianity came into place feeling that gap, but it is leaving by the day. 70 percent of Americans believe in Christianity compared to 86 percent back in the 1990s according to www.pbs.org & www.cnn.com. With the lack of parents, social skills, and religion creates a situation of not knowing what is right or wrong. Not being part of the community and feeling isolated. This is just another factor to think about when people are growing up in this period of time, but also includes people of all ages.

Policy Solutions To Solving These Issues

Mandatory Military Service USA
Making military service mandatory at the age of 18 is a way to give people values. Military service could provide people with the love of country, discipline, and work ethic. This would be essential to society because since people do not attend church, this is a way to give them a path for life. It is a way to build brotherhood, but also a identity.

Education Importance
When it comes to public education, it is vital that social skills develop early. Schools should increase lunchtime so that children can grow more social skills. Second, sex education should also consist of talking with the opposite sex. Maybe the first hour of sex ed should just be physically talking to as many people with the opposite sex. In this way, the youth start to regain how to deal with people, but also develop that fundamental social skills. At the same time eliminating cell phones during that class session. The third solution is to teach fatherhood and motherhood classes as well. The fact that divorce is so high today, it is essential to explain how to be a good father and mother in a classroom setting. This would give people a foundation how to be good parent.

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