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Modern Slavery In America

Modern Slavery In America
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Modern Slavery might be happening across the United States. The biggest threat to American Freedom is the American Justice System, which has incarcerated 2.4 million Americans across the United States. This high prison population is excellent for big corporations finding another way for cheap labor.

Under the 13 Amendment of the Constitution under the punishment clause, inmates might be required to work, which pays under minimum wage or no pay at all according to thenation.com. This system of giving prisoners jobs sounds ideal for inmates who break the law to work off their debt to society, but a system like this can be open to abuse. A lot of American companies are looking for cheap sources of labor such as illegal immigration, work visas, and cheap prison labor can be added to that list. Some businesses that hire prison labor is Wal-Mart, Victoria Secret, Whole Foods, Star Bucks, McDonald’s and At&T according to vice.com. Some of these inmates make clothing, furniture, welding, and make license plates. Other jobs are duties are inside the prison.

On September 9, 2016, in 24 states prisoners protested against working conditions. They were asking for better living conditions inside the prison, breaks, higher wage, and other Amenities. They believe the treatment inside their prison has been harsh and have called for the end of slavery in America.

Instead of paying a United States citizen minimum wage or higher pay for a job, some companies hire a prisoner for cheaper forms of labor.People and Experts say this is a form of Modern Slavery. Other say don’t break the law and this is wouldn’t happen to people. Of course, when it comes to large companies building private prisons and wanting more people to fill that prison or jail it is very concerning.

These companies have been lobbying Senators and other law makers to pass laws that people argue shouldn’t be illegal in the first place according to upfrontpolitics.com. Gun Control, prostitution, War on Drugs, should it be illegal to drive a car without a seat belt, ride a bike without a helmet, and other laws that seem to be questionable. This continues to show that the government is not the answer to fixing problems, but the people becoming more educated to find a solution and to press politicians to solve this issue according to upfrontpolitics.com.

Oddly most European countries outside the United States invest more in education and family values to reduce crime according to latimes.com & nytimes.com. When you have an excellent school system and family, you reduce the chances of a child member living a life of crime according to upfrontpolitics.com. Instead, we invest more in Law enforcement and the Justice system when we should spend way more on Education and family, so there is a no life of crime. You have to fix the foundation not put a band-aid on issues by passing a law and having law enforcement enforce it.

Sadly, this is the real reason why the government has been slow to repeal laws and reduce the prison and jail population. As a result, the high prison population allows cheap labor for big business on the tax payer dime. The sad thing as the day’s go on Americans will continue to see the United States is becoming more corrupt or the Media and not Main stream Media is starting to give light to this corruption.

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