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Mr. Trump V. Kim Jong Un

Mr. Trump V. Kim Jong Un
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In today’s world tensions are starting to increase globally. Especially between North Korea and the United States in the year of 2018. However, that has changed since Kim Jong Un and president Donald J. Trumps meeting at Vietnam in Hanoi for there second summit. There was no deal to lift sanctions or denuclearize, but there is hope with future meetings that peace comes between America and North Korea.However, is Kim Jong Un buying time to complete his nuclear weapons program and wait unit Trump leaves office?

Kim Jong Un feared an American invasion, which put him at the negotiation table to lift sanctions for denuclearization. As these peace talks continue tensions between the United States and North Korea appear to be dying down, which is good. However, this could be a strategy to stop US aggression in the eyes of Kim. As these peace talks continue, Kim will be able to complete his nuclear weapons program. China and Russia can support the North Korean economy in the future. This could be the entire purpose to stop a conflict.

President Trump is coming up for reelection in 2020. If he loses, which is not likely to happen, then Kim Jong Un might back out of any agreements to create peace. If Trump wins 2020, then Kim might start the process of denuclearization, but slowly. The hope for Kim is to avoid war with the United States. While America is focused on North Korea, China is using its economic warfare, cyber warfare, espionage, and other military tactics to spend its influence globally. Asian nations fight war differently than western countries. “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” Sun Tzu. However, let’s hope for peace between North Korea and America. That Kim Jong Un wants peace no matter, who is president.

In the end, Kim Jong Un might continue his nuclear weapons program secretly, while peace talks with the United States. The hope for Kim is to wait for president Trump to leave office so that he can back out of any agreements. However, let’s hope North Korea goes with denuclearization, so there can be peace between America and North Korea no matter who is president.

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