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The NATO Alliance Needs To Pay Its Fair Share

NATO Needs To Pay Its Fair Share
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President Donald Trump has criticized the NATO alliance because many countries in the alliance have failed to pay their two percent for defense. Many European nations are only paying a little more than 1 percent of GDP to the collective defense. As a result, the NATO alliance is weak because many NATO nations are failing to pay their 2 percent of GDP for defense. If every country in the NATO alliance pays its two percent, then they will have a stronger military against the Russian threat facing the alliance.

The threat of Russia is becoming more dangerous by the day. Russia has invaded Ukraine and is helping its ally in Syria. The Syrian conflict might be coming to an end very soon. As a result, Russia will significantly benefit because they will keep their two military bases in Syria and have an experience fighting force against NATO once the conflict has ended. Russia can put more resources into the Ukrainian conflict.

The Ukrainian conflict has been going on for four years. The annexation of Crimea was one of the most serious and aggressive acts by Russia in recent years. The conflict in Ukraine might heat up if more Russian money, experience generals, troops, and the Air Force enter the Ukrainian conflict. If Russia is successful in completing its invasion of Ukraine, then the NATO alliance will be facing a severe threat.

This is why president Trump is working so hard to ensure that all NATO nations are paying its 2 percent of GDP. If every nation pays its 2 percent of GDP, then they have a better chance of fighting against Russia encase of any future invasion. On the other hand, if Russia does not invade any NATO country, then the two percent increase might deter Russia from making any military move against NATO. This is why it is essential for every NATO nation to pay up because if they fail to pay up, then the conflict with Russia might become a reality in the future.

In the end, President Trump is not against the NATO alliance. President Trump wants to make sure that they are paying its fair share for defense. If a conflict with Russia does happen, then the NATO alliance should be ready because each NATO nation is paying its two percent. On the other hand, if NATO countries continue not to pay what they are supposed to pay, then the alliance is weakened and might give Russia the impression of strength against NATO. The NATO nations need to pay up to ensure NATO doesn’t fall into Russian hands. The possibility of war is low between Russia and NATO, but you never know.


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