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The New World Order After the Pandemic

The New World Order After the Pandemic
Posted: May 6, 2020 at 11:46 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

The world is changing fast with coronavirus continuing to spread across the globe. What might be the new reality of life American’s will be facing with coronavirus still spreading.

The Collapse Of The US Dollar

The United States government recently printed out two trillion dollars to protect small businesses and corporations from going out of business forever. However, if the United States government continues to print money, then the debt will increase, and the dollar loses value. Printing money can lead to economic collapse.

At the same time, the US economy will not return to the same economic growth before the pandemic. As a result, America will have a sluggish economy for a while. Many people will not be spending money or have jobs lost because the disease is still spreading.

Economic Growth

On the other hand, to create economic growth, America can bring back manufacturing to the United States and make products in America to lessen the financial blow. People need to work, but the working day of the job might be limited to 5 hours a day instead of 8 hours to decrease infection. Still, at least the economy has some growth. Another crazy reality might be wearing protective gear to protect individuals from disease during the working period. Even if everybody wore a mask and protective equipment, at least the economy will grow, but it will be sluggish.

U.S. War With China And Russia

Once the pandemic is over, will America still be a superpower, or will America have to fight harder to maintain it’s superpower status against China and Russia? The pandemic can change the global world order if the American economy collapses.

However, if the American economy does not collapse, then every country will be feeling the economic pain from the coronavirus. No one comes on top, but every nation maintains the same status before the pandemic. Or the world ends up in a new world war to pay off debts.

In the end, the United States economy can collapse if the government continues to print money. The economy will be sluggish, but hopefully, people can come back to work; however, the work hours can be limited. America can maintain its superpower status only if the economy doesn’t collapse if the economy collapses expect a change in the world order.

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