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How North Korea Affects The United States & The World

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The country of North Korea sounds like it is becoming more of a danger to the United States and the world by the day, but is it just talk. For a long time, the North Koreans have threatened the United States by saying statements such as sending more gift packages to the United States (according to aljazeera.com), threatening to shoot missiles at Guam, or preparing plans to attack South Korea. These threats should be taken seriously. However, Kim Jong Un might just be hype.

Kim Jong Un is smart and calculated leader when it comes to his strategic moves, but the country of North Korea hasn’t been in a war for a while. The last major conflicts North Korea has fought was the Korean War between the years of 1950-1953 and the Vietnam War according to wikipedia.org & history.com. On the other hand, they are psychologically ready for war, but not physically ready. Their military is under feed which they would lack the nutrition for a long term war. Of course, China might lend support towards North Korea in a time of war which could change the balance of the conflict. North Korea V.S. the United States one on one, America would win.

America would win because the North Koreans lack experience in warfare. There are some reports that North Korean troops and advisors are fighting in Syria according to qz.com. This might allow them to have some experience, but not much, unlike the United States. Even though the United States has been fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan for more than a decade, it has the experience to fight against North Korea. Yes, it is true the United States has failed to listen to Sun Tzu message of prolonging war according to classics.mit.edu. Continue war can also bring down a nation, so if the United States does get into a war with North Korea we might win, but at very high cost.

More wars for the United States would not be a good idea. We would become over stretch, but also risk bankruptcy from our massive deficits. Furthermore, not standing up to Kim Jong Un’s provocations will only make other leaders across the world feel that they can challenge America.

Unlike like Kim Jong Un who makes threats with no action, Vladimir Putin is a man who is physically challenging America. His invasion of Ukraine and annexation of Crimea showed his defiance against America and NATO. The invasion of Georgia stopped NATO and the United States from granting NATO membership. In Syria, Vladimir Putin stopped the United States from removing Assad from power, which ensures Russian foreign policy and strategic goals.

Today, Russia is building a bridge to Crimea and is covering their flank by increases the number of troops in Belarus according to rt.com & cnn.com. These movements might be a preparation for an invasion of Ukraine. Vladimir Putin is a man who doesn’t make threats but does military action. Kim Jong Un is just talk, but his talk might be helping build confidence in rogue nations.

In the end, Kim Jong Un just talks with no experience in warfare and has not made any physical attacks against the United States or its allies.North Koreas threats will continue to influence other nations like Russia that they can stand up against the United States.

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