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North Korea A Great Place To Live

North Korea a Great Place to Live
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North Korea is one country that I wouldn’t want to visit. The country has very strict laws; that applies to everyone that lives there. Filming anything is illegal. If you were to get caught, the consequences could be death. For example, the way you might be punished is being beaten to death. The government has substantial control over the people since 1948.


The first leader of the Kim family was his grandfather Kim Il-sung, second his dad Kim Jong-il, and now the current leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un. He is the third head of the Kim dynasty. President Kim is a young ruler that was only 27 years old when he became the Great leader of North Korea. Under his rule, many people are suffering under his policies.


People are dying or already dead on the streets, three-quarters of the population do not have enough to eat; people are suffering and cannot help themselves. People that are wealthy, rarely help the ones that need help. Even the kids are begging for money; they have to pickpocket, steal, and find other ways to get money to buy food. Some children aren’t even ten years old, and they have to survive by themselves. The children starve or freeze to death because the temperature can reach 0 and below. When it comes to making North Korea an economic power, it is not working.


There are a few places that have merchandise, but nothing is for sale. Everything is on display because when Kim broadcasts himself, he wants everyone to think he is a great leader and a great place to live. North Korea does not have any internet access, Kim and some of his staff have it. This is because he doesn’t want anyone to know how much better it is to live outside his country. He tells everyone greatness will be coming and everything will be okay. He uses a lot of propaganda about America, like how America is a terrible place to live, and it should it be destroyed.


In 2013 Kim Jong-un threatened America with a nuclear bomb. The Kim regime again violated International law by conducting an illegal nuclear test. Some argue, that if their nuclear program isn’t stopped, he will continue to make America look weak for not stopping them. Some experts understand why North Korea would say these things because they want to reach a deal with the United States. He wants America to sign a peace treaty, and America is not going to sign it unless he gets rid of his nuclear weapons. This issue of nuclear weapons will only hurt the North Korean people.


The country is very poor, People from China have to smuggle illegal computers, DVDS, and portable hard drives into the country. The people sell the DVDs for 30 cents each. North Korea just got their first cell phones about five years ago. They can only make calls within the country. Any calls outside the country are illegal. If someone were to get caught for watching foreign films, TV, or anything that is not from Korea they would be put to death. It could be the person or the whole family, most likely the entire family.


Kim wants everyone to worship him like he was a god, he makes villages attend a weekly meeting to glorify him if you don’t show up; you may become suspicious and targeted. His patrol will take the person in and question them until they get an answer. Months can go by until released if not beaten to death. Jails have grown since Kim has taken over leadership. He still keeps the education system running to educate the children of North Korean, but if anyone is heard talking bad about the leader he/she is executed. The Korean people live in fear. Almost everyone there tries to escape and illegally moves to China. China lets them into their country, but if caught by immigration officials they might be returned to North Korea. Kim has purged half of his generals; he also has killed his family member.


In conclusion, the country is very poor; one American dollar is two days worth of food there. Mostly everything in that country is illegal. Calling outside the country is illegal, listening to the radio is illegal outside of North Korea, watching foreign TV, and movies will either get you killed or tortured to death. I wouldn’t want to visit that country.

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