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Should North Korea Keep Its Nuclear Weapons In Exchange For Peace

Should North Korea Keep Its Nuclear Weapons In Exchange For Peace
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The United States and North Korea have been technically at war since 1951. However, the bullets and bombs stopped flying when North Korea and South Korea agreed to a Armistice. For decades America and North Korea have been fighting among each other, and specially how to handle North Korea’s nuclear weapons. North Korea wants to keep its nuclear weapons for defense, while the United States find nuclear weapons a danger to its national security. Currently, Kim Jong Un and president Trump have been building diplomacy to solve and discuss North Koreas nuclear weapons program. What if North Korea is allowed to keep its nuclear arsenal, in exchange to not build new nuclear weapons and economic relief.

North Korea has an estimated 60 nuclear weapons, while Israel has an estimated 200 nuclear warheads. Israel has more nuclear warheads then North Korea. On the other hand, America and Russia have more nuclear weapons then both of these countries. America can defend and have a strong offensive capability against North Korean nukes.

That is why America should rethink its strategy and allow North Korea to keeps its nuclear weapons just the ones they have. Under a treaty between America and North Korea they will not be allowed to develop new nuclear weapons or technology, but keep the ones they already have 60 nuclear weapons are enough to defend a country from invasion. In return, North Korea will receive relief from economic sanctions.

In the future maybe American businesses can enter into North Korea to conduct business to benefit North Korea and America economy. In this way, North Korea and America could live in peace together. However, during the Trump Administration, then it was still a success to postpone future conflict.

In the end, North Korea and America can live in peace together. North Korea can keep its nuclear weapons, but just the 60 nuclear weapons they have. Second, can’t develop new nuclear warheads or weapons under a treaty and verified under the United Nations. In exchange for sanction relief and increase business from the United States and other nations to grow economic wealth in North Korea. If there was ever a nuclear war between North Korea and America has strong defensive and offensive capabilities against North Korea. If no treaty is signed, then the best hope North Korea and America can live in peace together during the Trump Administration.

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