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North Korea Is No Joke

North Korea Is No Joke
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The nation of North Korea is once again testing American strength across the globe. Kim Jong Un has shown that he is a strong leader and has no plan of backing down against the United States. America is a situation where it has only limited options against the rogue regime. Should America allow North Korea to have its nuclear and missile weapons program or sign the peace treaty ending the conflict and bring North Korea to the international community?

America is living in a transformation period where it is no longer a superpower, but a great power against other great powers. These great powers are North Korea, China, and Russia. The reason North Korea is in that category because it can call out the United States every time and show provocations by conducting a missile or a nuclear bomb test. These provocations add up because Kim Jong Un gets away with his behavior, which makes America look weak. Other nations might think that they can get away with the same type of behavior.

The type of behavior of Kim Jong Un might inspire China and Russia to take military action against other nations without consequences. This is because the United States has failed in every measure to stop North Korea. We have to remember the United States and the United Nations tried to remove the Kim regime in the early 1950s in the Korean War and it ended up in a tie.

The history of the Korean War makes it very difficult for America, if it does choose to invade the nation. It will be a conflict that we might win or lose because history repeats its self. The other issue we do not know for sure if China is supplying North Korea with new modern Chinese military equipment. As Sun Tzu said,“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy are the noise before defeat.”One who can follow this advice will be the victor in conflict. On the other hand, North Korea, Russia, and China might be setting up a trap in Asia according to fpri.org.

America is already stretch out globally and is fighting in the Middle East and Africa. If America gets stuck in a major conflict in South Korea, this can seriously hurt the United States economically, but militarily too. Some say nuclear weapons might be used if there is war, but that might not be the case. North Korea has allies that have nuclear weapons such as China and Russia according to businessinsider.com. In the event of war, China and Russia might launch there nuclear weapons toward America if the United States launches nuclear weapons on North Korea. In this way, China and Russia might have checked America with its nuclear armaments. This is only if the United States chooses to make this military move.

If the United States does not choose the military option, then continuing to do nothing to shut up Kim Jong Un or not stopping his nuclear and missile program will only increase the confidence of rogue nations. These rogue nations will continue to design their missile and nuclear program to ensure the United States does not invade there nation. They are seeing the evidence right now by North Koreas experiment of testing American foreign policy. Second, most nations have seen what the United States has done to countries without chemical or nuclear weapons. For example, Iraq and Libya. If Kim is lucky by getting his way and preventing the United States from invading, then it has been an achievement for North Korea.

On the other hand, signing the peace treaty and allowing North Korea to keep its weapons might be the best solution. America would not be in a major war, and it will stay in the same territory and bases in the region. It also shows that two nations in conflict can come together diplomatically to solve the solution. Finally, creating trade deals with North Korea and interconnecting the American economy with North Korea can create economic growth between the two nations.

In the end, time will only tell what will happen in the future. America will be in a war in the next 3 to 4 years or there will peace between the United States and North Korea. Let’s hope that there will be no war, but peace.

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