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IS North Korean Denuclearization A Good Idea For Peace

North Korean Denuclearization
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The summit between Trump and Kim Jong Un is a significant success for the Trump Administration. The hope is Kim Jong Un will give up all of his nuclear weapons for security and economic relief, while America in return will remove the threat of nuclear weapons reaching the homeland. If both sides agree to follow the agreement, then what will the future look like for North Korea such as in wealth, military strength, and Chinese relations.

As long as North Korea doesn’t follow through with denuclearization, then the country will suffer from economic sanctions. As a result of severe economic sanctions, the country will not have enough food, oil, natural gas, and hard currency to function as a nation. However, if North Korea completely denuclearize, then North Korea should see economic relief, which will result in wealth for Kim Jong Un’s nation. This would benefit him and his nation because they’re on the path to becoming wealthy. On the other hand, how can this wealth be used in the future to build the North Korean military forces?

The North Korean arm forces might be outdated, but an increase in wealth can give them the power to build their conventional arm forces with modern military equipment. As a result, they might not have nuclear weapons, but they have a strong modern military with a healthy economy. In the future, war with South Korea can be a reality, since both sides do not have nuclear weapons. It might be a change in strategy for North Korea.On top of that their strong economy and strong modern military will help with Chinese expansion in Asia.

China will be the only nation with nuclear weapons in the Asian Pacific. South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Australia, and New Zealand do not have nuclear weapons. China will also be protecting North Korea with its nuclear weapons. In the future, China will have a stronger and powerful modern military along with the North Korean military. This could lead to proxy wars in the region. For example, North Korea can invade South Korea with conventional forces and be helped by China in economic aid, Military supplies, and diplomatic relief to remove the United States and its influence of the Korean Peninsula. The United States is in an awkward position because if it removes nuclear weapons, then this future scenario can play out. However, allowing North Korea to keep its nuclear weapons is dangerous and is currently threatening the United States.

In the end, North Korea can be trying out a new military strategy to get its way in the future. A healthy economy means strong military forces. These forces only become dangerous with Chinese influence. The hope is a deal between the United States and North Korea might bring peace, but in the future, it can bring war. Nations that do not possess nuclear weapons are more likely to get invaded directly or in proxy with other countries.

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