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North Korean Military vs. American Military

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Since the beginning of the 21 first century, Americans have been living in a time of war. The Afghanistan war in 2001, Iraq war in 2003, Libya in 2011, ISIS in Iraq and Syria, and now maybe North Korea.

These wars have taken a toll on the American people. The war in Afghanistan has been the longest war in American history. The US military has been fighting there for the last 16 years. The Iraq war ended in 2011, but American forces are still supporting the Iraqi military by providing aid and assistance to fight ISIS. In Syria, Special forces are conducting military operations to fight against ISIS. These conflicts in the Middle East has cost America in blood and treasure.

Now, America might be facing a bigger threat than terrorism. North Korea is a nation with one of the largest armies. The North Korean military might have modern military equipment if the Chinese have been supplying them. If America chooses to go to war with North Korea how will the country handle the conflict?

The war with North Korea will be either conventional or Nuclear warfare. It can turn conventional if the Chinese have secret military plans to stop nuclear weapons from going off or they have the cyber capabilities to prevent nuclear weapons from going off. The times we live in is way different from the 1980s and 1990s, and there might be defensive weapons against nuclear weapons. Of course, only if China has this technology, if not then nuclear war is very possible.

You have to ask why does China, Russia, and North Korea feel confident in their military action. Recently, the Chinese government came out and said it would defend North Korea if America strikes first at North Korea according to reuters.com. For the Chinese to even think that or have the confidence to say a statement like this, you must wonder.

The issue with a new Korean War might be conventional warfare, which means the war will turn into a total war. The Chinese and North Korean military vs. America, South Korea, and Japan. The problem, the South Koreans are surrounded, and the Japanese only have 100,000 troops because of their constitution after World War II.

In a realistic situation, America would need to pass a draft to have more troops to fight these big militaries. The Chinese have a military of 2.3 million and the North Korean military have about 7.5 million. In total 9.8 million vs. 8,505,300 million if you add the United States, South Korea, and Japan combined.

This means our military would be out man. They would have about 1.3 million more in their military.The President should put in a mind set of war to get American citizens prepared, so if there is war Americans are not that shocked. Many of our adversaries have already made their people prepared for war.

Russia is building nuclear bunkers and are placing banners and ads to tell their citizens to supply up.Men have to serve one year in the military unless exempt. The Russians put a mind set in place.

North Korea is a nation of brainwash citizens that are mentally ready to die to save their home land. Every man is in the military and propaganda is introduced at a young age to hate Americans. They are mentally prepared because they do not know anything else.

America should take note of these adversaries. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to have fitness standards. It wouldn’t bother to tell Americans to supply up on food, water, gas, money, and other emergency supplies if there is total war in Asia. Maybe making it mandatory for all men who turn 18 to serve one year in the military.

Knowing these times, Americans are no longer just facing terrorism, but also modern militaries such as China, Russia, and North Korea. To fight these countries in the future will take a mind set if that mind set is not configured then America can lose if not mentally prepared.

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