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North Koreas Peaceful Take Over Of South Korea

North Koreas Peaceful Take Over Of South Korea
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The nation of North Korea is starting to have peace talks with South Korea to try to create peace between the two countries. These peace talks will hopefully decrease tension and establish order in the Korean Peninsula. However, is North Korea and China planning to remove America out of the South Korea through a peaceful solution to take over Asia?

When it comes to North Korea, they have been testing missiles and nuclear bombs for the last year. Now they are trying to create division between South Korea and the United States. Their hope is to remove American troops in South Korea all 23,500 according to newsweek.com. As a result, this will allow China and North Korea to step in without fighting a war.

China has been good at policy-making to get its way. They have been destroying America with economic trade that benefits China, not the United States. They have been building bases in Pakistan and Africa. Their cyber warfare has been costing the United States $250,000,000,000 every year according to usnews.com. Of course, they are not as powerful as the United States when comes to bases across the world and economic strength, but they are catching up according to upfrontpolitics.com. China and North Korea will become a more significant threat shortly.

When you look at China, they have annexed the South China Sea without shooting a bullet. This was a successful annexation of the sea. Second, making threats towards Taiwan and planning to invade the country by 2020, will grow that buffer zone between China, North Korea, and the United States according to popularmechanics.com. If they can remove America and take over South Korea or remove American influence, it will create that buffer zone. When you look at the bigger picture the South China Sea, Taiwan, and South Korea will create the buffer zone, but it will allow China to expand into Asia deeper with these strategic locations.

This is a strategic move by North Korea, especially when China is a growing power military and economic power. Let’s hope there will be peace, but the peace will probably only last short term. As the saying goes, when a raising power comes into power, it will eventually come against the superpower, the United States.

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