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Police Deaths On The Rise In America

Police Deaths On The Rise In America
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In the year 2018, there have already been 67 police officers killed. The sad fact is that police deaths have been increasing. In the year 2016, there were 135 police officers killed. In 2017, the number was 129 police officers killed. As a result, the number of police officers killed in 2018 might continue to increase, since the year isn’t over. The reason police deaths are growing is because of bad lawmaking, terrible education, and other government agencies failing to do there job.

Good lawmaking vs. bad lawmaking can get citizens and police officers killed. Citizens can be put in more danger as well police officers. Their many laws on the books that increase government in people’s lives when it is not needed. The state legislature or congress always pass laws, but usually never repeal laws off the books. In the state of California, for example, there should be a law for every 10 years the state legislature must review and repeal laws during the tenth year. As a result, the laws will start to become more organized to see what laws are good and what laws are bad. Lawmaking is just not the only area, but education as well.

Public education needs to have life skill classes to teach the general population. These classes include sex education, budgeting, home economics, trade school, and other life skills courses. Teaching these classes at a young age will hopefully develop children into responsible adults. The lack of educated individuals could increase the chances of homelessness, depression, stress, divorce, and other issues. Being well educated in life skills and trade increases the chance of success in life, but also decreases the chance of going to prison. However, even with these changes other government agencies need to perform their duty, so local and state police do not have to deal with the illegal immigration or terrorist situation.

In the United States, an estimated 22 million illegal immigrants are living in the country. Some of these illegal immigrants will commit crimes, which will endanger the community as well as local and state law enforcement. It also cost local and state tax money to deal with these illegal immigrants. If the federal government would have done its job, then 22 million illegal immigrants wouldn’t be living inside the country. As a result, vigorous enforcement of immigration laws will protect the United States from human trafficking, unlawful entry of undocumented immigrants, and combat terrorism. The federal agencies need to perform their duty, so local and state law enforcement are very limited in helping in terrorism-related and immigration cases. Local and state law enforcement should not be dealing with terrorism; unless asked by the FBI, it is the job of the federal government to ensure people are coming into the country legally. If people are not coming in legally, then the federal government needs to pass stronger immigration laws to reduce the chance of a terrorist entering the country and prevent people coming into the country illegally.

In the end, good lawmaking, education, and federal agencies are essential to keeping citizens and police safe from violence. The good lawmaking can eliminate interaction with government and keeping the peace. Bad lawmaking can increase interaction with the government, which can result in dangerous outcomes. Education is the key for every American citizen to receive stable skills for life. An educated population is a less violate population. Federal agencies need to perform their duty, so local and state law enforcement and citizen is not put in danger. The system works like a chain, if the federal government fails to perform its task, then the rest of the system will collapse.

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