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Police Officer Arrested For Serious Assault In Denver Colorado

Police Officer Arrested For Serious Assault In Denver Colorado
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A Denver officer has been arrested for assault. The officer has a record of using excessive force in his 28 years on duty. 21 times the officer has been documented of using unnecessary force against an individual. However, this time he went too far in using force against an individual. The officer is destroying the positive image of law enforcement and needs be fired immediately. The best way to stop police officers like this is to improve training and fire officers who use excessive force to reduce liability.

Currently, to become a police officer in the United States it is about 6 months, which some suggest is not enough time to become a professional police officer. International standards, especially in European countries, is about 2 to 3 years to become a police officer. These officers go through a long process of training and receive a better understanding of how to conduct themselves. It also shows who is serious in wanting to become a police officer to protect the public. Maybe the best way to stop or prevent officers who violate the law is to follow more international standards of policing. A police officer that is more education in his field and is knowledgeable should reduce the chances of civil suits and criminal charges against him or her. The reason the police officer is better trained because of the 2-year program of training.

The long training program will create a more professional police force that can handle situations better and solve issues faster because the skills have been taught. The hope is police are highly trained and know how much force to use, while at the same time being very educated in the law. This can only happen if the police training is extended for 2 years. At the same time, when officers been documented too many time such as violating policy, civil suits, or criminal acts that officer needs be let go unless the investigation can clearly show it was justified. The hope is it will reduce legal liability, while at the same time improve the image of law enforcement.

In the end, the community will see law enforcement better trained for all types of situations and will remove officers from the force who violate the law, policy or have too many losses from civil suits against him or her. Law enforcement will become more professional in the eyes of the community, which will increase trust. The hope is terrible officers will be eliminated immediately to ensure law enforcement doesn’t look bad.

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